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june 18 1999

Links to June 18 related information and resources.

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J18 Information

Media Resources

Other Resources


Free Internet Access

http://www.emailaddresses.com Small Global Services List

http://www.copacgva.org UK Services

Free Email

Apart from the obvious hotmail etc here's some others:

http://www.thefreesite.com/email3.htm Non USA / UK Free Email






http://www.1on1mail.com/ Free Encrypted Email

Free Webspace

http://www.freewebspace.net Global List of Free Webspace




Free Mailing Lists





Electronic Security

http://www.thefreesite.com/anonymous.htm List of Free Electronic Security Facilities

http://www.eff.org Electronic Freedom Foundation

http://www.pgpi.com PGP International

http://www.pgpi.com/links/www/pgp PGP sites around the world

http://www.well.com/user/abacard/remail.htmlAnonymous Email FAQ

http://www.anonymizer.com Send Anonymous Emails

http://emailit.to Send Anonymous Emails

http://replay.com/remailer/ Send Anonymous Emails

How to Design Webpages

http://www.learnthenet.com Tutorials in English Dutch French Italian and Spanish

http://www.afscme.org/publications/puttc.htm Tutorial guide for putting your Union on the Web

http://www.inconnect.com/~mkbarrus/html.html Simple Web Tutorial

Free Fax Services

You can fax around the world for free!!




Cybercafes of the World

http://w1.2789.telia.com/~u278900335/textindex.htmCybercafes throughout the world

J18 Information:

Cologne Summit Info

http://g8online.org/O fficial Summit Webpage

http://www.g7.utoronto.ca/ Summit Online - Your chance to question delegates!

http://www.koeln.de/gipfel/ Official Cologne Website - Useful Summit Info

http://www.weedbonn.org/aktiong7/g7finalprep.htm Alternative Summite Website

J18 Bulletins

December 1998

International Letter 1999








Original Proposal





Other J18 Websites

http://www.nodo50.org/reclaim - Madrid, Spain

http://www.utopiaverde.org/foros-huelva/actividades/18-junio - Huelva, Spain

http://www.june18.freeuk.com - Lancaster, England

http://www.junio18.8m.com - Montivideo, Uruguay

http://xinet.com/rts/ - San Francisco, USA

http://www.j18.cat.org.au - Sydney, Australia - Will be reporting all day with text, photos, and real video and audio

http://bak.spc.org/j18/flyers/boston.html (Boston, USA)

Media Resources:

Activist Media - News

http://www.ainfos.caA-infos - Alternative News service

http://www.neravt.com/left/altmedia.htm Alternative Media Listing

http://www.zmag.org./altmediawatch.htm Alternative Media Watch

http://www.altpress.org/newdir.htmAlternative Press Index - links for just about every major alternative news source on the web

http://www.bigissue.comBig Issue

http://www.cobaltmagazine.demon.co.uk/Intro.htmlCobalt Magazine - Direct Action / Free Parties - News and Comment

http://www.commondreams.orgCommon Dreams - Progressive News for US

http://www.eco-action.orgEco-Action - News and Links

http://www.eco-action.org/efau/aulast.htmlEF Action Update

http://www.guilfin.orgGUILFIN - Best known of the FINs - Music and Action Listsings

http://www.mediafilter.orgFree Media

http://www.neravt.com/left/envcrisis.htmlJays News re environmental crisis

http://www.neravt.com/left/crisis.htmJays News re financial crisis


http://wwww.schnews.orgSchNews - News and Links

http://www.squall.co.uk SQUALL - News and Commentary

http://www.urban75.comUrban75 Magazine - Includes large contacts list

http://www.zmag.orgZ Magazine Network -News, Resources, and Links

Activist Media - Video / Audio

http://bak.spc.org/exponet Exploding Cinema

http://www.radio4all.org Free Radio

http://www.videonetwork.org i-Contact Video Network - Video Activism

http://www.freespeech.org Internet TV resources

http://web.wwa.com/~bgfolder/lb/ Labor Beat - Labor television and radio

http://www.piratetv.org Pirate TV

http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=altvid;list Progressive TV and Video Webring

http://www.undercurrents.org Undercurrents - News and Video Activism

http://www.webactive.com/ Webactive Audio News listing

Corporate Media

http://www.gugerell.co.at/gugerell/media Huge Media Listing

http://theory.lcs.mit.edu/~mernst/media Media Criticism

http://www.ping.at/gugerell/media/ More Media Lists

http://mai.flora.org/mai-info/media.htm US Canada Media Lists

http://www.mediainfo.com/emedia World media Site Listing

Other Resources:

Activist Resources - General

http://www.envirolink.org/orgs/arn/ Activists Resource Network

http://www.actupny.org/documents/CDdocuments/CDindex.html ACT UP

http://www.igc.org/igc/issues/media/ Alternative Media and theory / practice and links

http://www.envirolink.org/orgs/arn/ AK Distributions

http://www.akpress.org Activists Resource Network

http://www.envirolink.org/arrs/ Animal Rights Resource Site

http://www.protest.net Protest Net - Global Calendar of Protests, includes news and Activists Handbook

http://www.arachna.co.nz/thesis Environmental Activism and The Internet

http://www.eco-action.org/rr/index.html Eco-Action - Resources

http://www.berkshire.net/~ifas/activist Electronic Activist - Media and US politicians

http://www.gn.apc.org/pmhp Free Range Activism Site - Resources and Links

http://www.neravt.com/left Jays Leftist and Progressive Internet Resources

http://www.san.beck.org/NAH1-Nonviolence.html NVDA

http://come.to/radikala-arkivet Propaganda Image Collection

http://www.webactive.com Webactive - good links directory

Environmental Resources

http://www.ecomall.com/activism/day1.htm Ecomall - Environmental News

http://www.envirolink.org Envirolink - Huge selection of News, Resources and Links

http://www.enn.com Environmental News Network

http://www.webdirectory.com Environmental Search Engine

http://www.herts.ac.uk/lis/subjects/natsci/env/envweb/index.html Environmental Web Resources - Comprehensive listing

http://www.foe.co.uk/pubsinfo/infosyst/other_links.html#genrec FOE's Environmental Links

Trade Union Resources

http://www.cf.ac.uk/ccin/union/ Cyber Picket Line - UK

http://www.eiro.eurofound.ie/related.html EIROnline: European Industrial Relations Links

http://www.icftu.org International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

http://www.icem.org/resource/labres.html International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers' Unions (ICEM) - Large Listing

http://www.iww.org Industrial Workers of the World

http://www.llb.labournet.org.uk/links/ Labour Left Briefing Links Page - UK

http://www.labournet.org Labournet

http://www.labournet.ca Labournet - Canada

http://www.labournet.org.uk/ Labournet - UK

http://www.igc.org/igc/ln/hg/unions.html Labornet - USA

http://www.labourstart.org Labourstart

http://www.labourstart.org.uk Labourstart UK

http://www.tuc.org.uk TUC - TU links worldwide

http://www.unions.org/ Union Resource Network - USA - Large Listing

http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=unionring&index UNION WEBRING - 459 sites

Anti-Corporate Info

http://www.islandnet.com/~ncfs/maisite/ Alert On Globalisation (MAI)

http://www.2street.com/boycott/list.phtml The Boycott Board's Listing of Boycotts

http://www.xs4all.nl/~ceo Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO)

 http://www.corpwatch.org/ Corporate Watch (USA)  

 http://www.oneworld.org/cw Corporate Watch (UK)

http://www.infact.org/I NFACT - boycott campaigns

http://www.moles.org/ Project Underground - mining and oil industries

Bankwatch - monitors International Financial Institutions

http://www.schumachersociety.org/ E.F. Schumacher Society

http://www.essential.org/mdc/ The Multinationals Resource Center

http://violet.berkeley.edu/~orourke/PIN.html The Public Information Network

http://www.mcspotlight.org/ McSpotlight

http://www.stw.org/ Share the Wealth

World Organisations

http://www.oecd.org/ Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

http://www.unep.ch/ United Nations Environment Programme

http://www.undp.org/ The United Nations Develoment Program

http://www.worldbank.org/ The World Bank

http://www.ert.be/ European Roundtable of Industrialists (ERT)

http://europa.eu.int/index-en.htm The European Union Website

http://www.wto.org/ World Trade Organisation

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