Around the world, the movement grows - from the forests of Chiapas to the streets of London, from the grain farmers of India to the landless in Brazil to the unemployed in France. Inspired by the Zapatista struggles in Mexico and the Intercontinental Encuentros, and by the global actions against the G8 (most powerful) nations and the World Trade Organisation in 1998, activists from many countries are planning co-ordinated actions around the world to oppose neoliberal capitalism.

On June the 18th this year the G8 nations will meet in Koln, Germany, to further promote their vision of "free"trade, economic growth and corporate dominance. Meanwhile across Europe, in Canada, Nigeria, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia and many more nations, activists will occupy and transform their local financial districts (stock exchanges, banks, corporate HQs) .

Autonomously organised events ranging from educational forums, pickets, protests, discussions, blockades and street parties will disrupt business as usual and show the world that things could be very different, just Imagine...

JUNE 18th 1999

A day of protest, action and carnival in financialCentres across the globe.

Activists from diverse groups and movements around the world arediscussing, networking and organising for an international day of action aimed at the heart of the global economy: the financial centres, banking districts and multinational corporate power bases.

Environmentalists, workers, the unemployed, indigenous peoples,trade unionists, peasants groups, women's networks, the landless, students, peace activists and many more are working together in recognition that the global capitalist system, based on the exploitation of people and the planet for the profit of a few, is at the root of our social and ecological troubles. The June 18th occupation and transformation of financial districts, simultaneously across the globe, will be a contribution to and practical example of the process of making connections and building alternatives to the present social order.

The action is timed to coincide with the first day of the Group ofSeven (or G7) summit of the leaders of the richest nation-states - in Koeln, Germany when again we will be told by the economic and political elites that the promotion of economic globalisation, 'free' trade and corporate dominance is the only way.

This proposal is made in the spirit of strengthening ourInternational networks and follows from the success of co-ordinated global action during May 16-20th 1998. These days saw actions, protests and demonstrations on all continents, for example over 30 'Reclaim the Streets parties' in over 20 countries - a combination of illegal carnival, protest and direct action. In Brasilia 50,000 unemployed and landless peasants were on the streets, while inHyderabad, India, 200,000 were protesting. These events coincidedWith the 'G8' meeting in Birmingham, Great Britain, and the third ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland. 1999 will see these coordinations increase. Alongside the June 18th global action, there will also be a tour of Indian farmers/activists around Europe to campaign against the World Trade Organisation, banks and multinational corporations.

In the spirit of strengthening international networks for equality, freedom and ecological sustainability we encourage all sympathetic movements and groups to organise their own autonomous protests or actions, on the same day - June 18th - in the same locations - financial districts - around the world. Each event would be organised autonomously; could be co-ordinated in each city by a variety of movements and groups; while linked globally by post, telephone, fax, email and international meetings. Strikes, protests, pickets, actions, occupations, street parties, demonstrations, blockades, shutdowns - a unity of diverse events are being planned by a growing network of individuals, groups, movements and alliances.

Your participation - no matter how small - is crucial; meetingsneed to be organised, events planned, leaflets printed and distributed, funds raised, laughter and conversation shared. If we cooperate an co-ordinate we can realise a different world; has it ever been so necessary and so possible?


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If your group is organising an event of action for June 18th pleasesend your group or movements contact details to:J18contacts@hotmail.com

This will allow a global list of groups taking part to be built up.This will be an invaluable resource for everyone taking part to show the quantity and diversity of groups doing actions on June 18th. This information will be put on the website and on the j18discussion list.

"the collapse of the global marketplace would be a traumatic eventwith unimaginable consequences. Yet I find it easier to IMAGINE than the continuation of the present regime."

- George Soros financial speculator, predator and profiteer.

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