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june 18 1999


June 18 Reports

Anarcociclisti walk about

The most important happening organized by Anarcociclisti in Italy for J18 has been a walk-about through the city of Bologna . A certain number of Anarcociclisti (members of Kuneo Anarcociclista and SSS) and members of the AIS (Associazione Italiana Sprecisi ) has created a moltitude of TAZ in the centre of the town all the night long, blocking the traffic and involving people in their performances.

We have also sowed all the bankomats in the centre with our "EX-VOTO" stickers (a commemoration of our project for the sabotage of european elections) .

Similar happenings have been realized in Milano, Roma, Siena, Firenze, Ancona and Hamburg.

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Bye, beasts

Orgon, AnarcoCiclista


tacktical media crew, doing J18 web stuff in Italy (in english too)

Milan, Rome, Bologna and others:

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Email: orgon orgon@freemail.it
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A net of free individualities.For J18 will be realizing several different individualperformances in all the nation, firstly in Milano, Romaand Bologna (but not only).Will seed the cities with a moltitude of TAZ,detournaments and performances about war,involving people in the streets.


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