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june 18 1999



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The lastest reports from Madrid and other places in Spain will appear at http://www.nodo50.org/reclaim


300 people, two hours closing two principal streets (4 lanes each) plenty of banks. People playing games. teather in front of the Lladro's shop, the richest and more hated speculator in Valencia. Performances whith music and fireworks. Direct percussion music and a mobil sound sytem. One hour of mobil manifestation by the financial centre. People whistling in front of the U.S.A. consulate. Some automatic cashiers sealed. The party finisshed on a peatonal plaza where people stayed till 11 pm playing music and juggling. None problem whith police.

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MADRID: Comrades and Compaeros around the world!

Well, here in MADRID, we are ending our seven day fight for social rights with our RECLAIM THE STREETS PARTY, which is taking place smack in the commerical center of the city, PLAZA CALLAO. We are DANCING and SINGING in the square underneath clothes hanging from clothes lines- a protest against an old law prohibitting people from hanging their clothes in the streets, as well as a play on the Spanish word for Europe, Eu-"ropa," showing once more that the truth (in this case about corporate Europe) always comes out in the laundry. We have stopped traffic and converted the square into a public space for expression and entertainment in order to BREAK THE SILENCE.

We have plastered the bank with signs saying: "AGAINST A CAPITALIST EUROPE," "YOUR SPECULATION = OUR MISERY," "EURO-NIGHTMARE," a picture with people bowing down to the pyramid on the US dollar, a mock coca-cola sign with the words "EAT SHIT" (come caca), and a picture of a CEO explaining sustainable development: "I DESTROY NATURE TO OBTAIN PROFITS, I INVEST IN TECHNOLOGY TO DIMINISH THE DAMAGE." Fortune tellers are predicting the (miserable) future of the euro. Other highlights of the seven-day fight for social rights included OCCUPATIONS of the STOCK MARKET and a TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT AGENCY.

Have a blast and continue the fight against financial capital! From Madrid, Peace!

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MADRID: Stock Exchange Invaded

Ahead of time, on Tueday 15th June, over 100 individuals (described by the press as "squatters") invaded the Madrid Stock Exchange, peacefully occupied the operators' posts and disrupted trading for more than an hour with songs, slogans, banners & the trading board papered over.Police were persuaded (by the speculators themselves!) not to spillblood on the hallowed floor, and no arrests were made until the groupwere more than a block away. Six arrests, no injuries reported.Positive angle on the TV news, including a brief explantion of themessages behind the action. I.e, success!

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11:00am Gracia. Barcelona.

Greetings to all resistance. One hour ago in the barrio of Gracia, Barcelona, around 20 people cut the Traversa De Gracia, main Avenue from the first ring road of the city. Given the width of the road, 6 lanes and the amount of people anxious to use the road - get to their jobs, schools, hospitals, exams etc After giving out some leaflets and shouting some sloganss - not many as we were quite sleepy - it's too early for protesting! - the concentratio dissovled peacefully. On the other side of the road, 3 large trash containers were used to cut off 3 lanes of traffic. - the jam lasted 20 minutes. We'll keep informing.

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Barcelona Report Spainish

buen dia

8.00 Se cortan calles en los barrios de Sant Andreu y Gracia. En Sant Andreu se monta un chiringuito en plan playero, con toallas, vestidores, y se invita a los conductores a comer papas fritas.

14.00 una mini-mani de 100 personas cruzan un trozo del barrio de gracia para llegar a la calle Providencia, donde dos años atras se desallojó y derrumbó una casa okupada. Se reokupa el solar, y bajo el nombre de PARC de KAN PROVI se monta un parqecito con huerta biológica, un estanque con cultivo de lenteja de agua, bancos, murales y toda un fiestecilla inaugural.

Mientrastanto a las 16.00 se reunen 13 bicicletas en Sant Cugat ( a 20 km) y toman la autopista de pago de los Tunels de Vallvidrera y llegan al punto de encuentro del centro de Barna.

a las 17.00 sale la caravana festiva del Parc okupado hasta el centro de Barcelona recorriendo las calles con lemas contra la economia mundial, pintando y cortando calles al pasar con arbolitos ornamentales de los bares.

A las 18.00 un grupo de bicis se autorganiza espontaniamente en Plaça Universitat y se da unos rules cortando calles y haciendo acciones en los carriles bici.

A las 19.00 se reajuntan todos los grupos y llega, remolcada, la furgo con el Sound system. En Placa Universitat se pinta el asfalto, los pasos zebra y empieza la fiesta. Remolcando la furgo con una cuerda, se van cortando y atascando calles al pasar, se cambian señales de trafico por "prohibido policia, BM, FMI, toma la calle, etc..)

A las 23.00 se acaba la fiesta en el portal de un vecino que saca sus bafles al balcón y dale ya pues con la música popular del y para el pueblo.

salut i tomamos la calle, mas nos vale

ke rule y enviarnos lo que pasó por aqui y por allá a:

j18 barna azufaifo@cascall.org
infousurpa usurpas@iname.com
contrainfos zitzania@nodo50.org

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Barcelona 8:00am

At 8.00 in the morning, two diferent groups of 10-15 people closed two main streets in Barcelona at the same time. One of them , in Sant Andreu Town, they recreate a beach with swiming dessers, towels and they give fried potatoes to the car drivers who where going to work.

At 14.00 about 100 people make a little demonstration to a street where two years ago the police evicted a squatted house and demolished it. Until now it wos just a place of stones and rats, but 18th june all the people worked together to make a garden there, with a little lake, a vegetable organic garden and a medicinal garden.The neigbours were impressed.

At 16.00 in the town of Sant Cugat (about 20 km from Barcelona)it began a bike demonstration of only 13 bikes , but they close the motorway!! and arrive to Barcelona, crossing the dangerous tunels of Vallvidrera without problems. And joined de j18 demonstration at 18.00

At 17.00 began the carnaval along the streets, crossing a part of Barcelona with bikes,and all van and a bike-non electric-sound system. All the streets were closed and the people put lot of staf that they find in the street (like ornamental trees, chairs,...) obstaculizing the roads.

At 18.00 another bike demonstration take the mains streets in Barcelona and make some actions in the bike path.

At 19.00, finally, all the groups joined in Plaza Universitat and began the properly Reclaim the Streets, with a van with Sound System , and 500-700 or more people dancing. What was the diference? the van was broken , so all the people had to move the van with the human effort. All the way the walls were painted, aginnst the money , BM, FMI, the trafic lights where changed, etc..We walk around some very big streets until arrive to a quite street where a neigbour put his music in the balcony and we finish the party at about 23.00 h.

salut i toma la calle contra la economia global

j18 barcelona azufaifo@cascall.org

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J18 Network:
Email: fjlago@ifoline.com

What began as a hope more than a reality (I'm refering for the organization of the Asturies' party against globalization and street privatization, is, day by day, getting more and more real, and we get surprised for the ethusiasm of several groups of people on participating on all these things so, may be like me ten days ago, most of you who are disappointed for the answer of people around you, just one thing, keep working. It works.

Just one more thing. We have plenty of work to do and we would thank any text (english or spanish, we don't mind) to write on leaflets and distribute during the action (short and concise, sure you have more than one idea). We have printed 5 fliers (1,4Mb. zip file and jpg format) in spainsh so if anybody of you want to see or use them I could send them. Please, let me know (The fliers don't call for the action, they are just announcing what we try to destroy and what we report about the policies that Prime Ministers and big corporations chiefs are preparing for our future (if it exists).


Planned events: Global street party.TOMA LA CALLE! aT 14.00 in PlaaJoanic we willsquatt an area to make a garden. After lunch the carnaval caravan march andbike ride forthe main streets to LPLA‚A UNIVERSITAT, where at 18.00 is the meeting witheverybody andbegins the street party in movement until a very central place where theparty willcontinue until when we can. During all the march the street will cange ofcolour. andduring all the daythere ewikk be autonomous actions against the powercenters, the carsand the work.In other towns near Barcelona (30 Km) the will be a bile ride closing theroad of entranceto Barcelona. 18J will be also in Reus and Castelló

Contact: 18-J Barcelona/ Barcelona J18 NetworkEmail: azufaifo@cascall.orgEmail: rascatxu@drac.com


Espacio Autonomo
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Contact: Manuel Gualda Caballero, mgualda@huelva2000.com/
Director-Gerente Fundación Utopía Verde, correo@utopiaverde.org- Contact: Huelva J18 Network (Coordinating group: Foros Telemáticos Socioambientales de Huelva)

WWW: http://utopiaverde.org/foros-huelva Email: mgualda@huelva2000.comEmail: correo@utopiaverde.org WWW: http://utopiaverde.org

La Fundación Utopía Verde ha convocado una charla telemática sobre el 18/junioen el canal #utopiaverde (IRC Eintec, Red Univers.Org). Lunes 7/junio a las 23:00 h (hora espa–ola)

Más información enhttp://utopiaverde.org/charlas


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Movimiento contra la Europa de Maastricht
Land Address: c/ Campomanes 13, 2, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Planned events: Global street party, start in Plaza de Lavapies at 16:00h.theatre,actions,music,performances...

Semana de accion social "Rompamos el silencio", 18 de Junio./ Week of Social Action "Let us break the Silence", 7 days of social fight by many social groups- autonomous , unemployed , environmental, squaters, pro animal rights....

press contac:
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Al final hemos conseguido un correo electronico para que todo el mundo pueda contactarnos. Se que es un poquito tarde pero hemos estado muy ocupad@s. Estamos planeando por la tarde dos bicifestaciones, una gran fiesta en la calle y algunos grupos haran acciones directas por toda la ciudad.

Planning two open "critical mass" in the afternoon, a big street party and some groups are going to do some direct actions all over the city.

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