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june 18 1999


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The debt cancellation movement Dialogo 2000, (religious and social groupings including Madres de la Plaza de Mayo and trade unions), will hold a procession/march through the financial centre. In front of the Central Bank/IMF building speakers will argue for non-payment by the peoples of the indebted South, and popular artists and musicians will perform under the banner Liberation from Debt

Buenos Aires J18 network:

GAPLAH (grupo autogestionario para la liberacion animal y humana):


In New York, Reclaim the Streets NYC are organising an action in Times Square. In Boston, at noon on June 18, Boston Encuentro will rally near BankBoston and Fleet headquarters, 'We'll begin with a conga line, music,puppets, street theater and leaflets. There's a rumor that Zapatistas may ride in on horses to show their solidarity.' A mock let ter from ÎFleece Boston', will send up the gigantic merger of BankBoston and Fleet Bank, which already promises layoffs of more than 5,000 workers..

'We plan to combine satire and entertainment with serious critique, to shine light on the dark side of finance capital - the giant banks at the center of the neoliberal conquest of the world.' (Boston Encuentro)

Turning North to Canada, Peoples' Global Action - Ottawa (social movements such as the Canadian Federation of Students, coalition to stop the war against Yugoslavia, Industrial Workers of the World, Canadian Union of Postal Workers, and Comite des Sans Emploi -Montreal folks-, Critical Mass) are organising actions on corporate institutions.

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, (US) a J18party is being put together.. In Regina, Canada students and trade unionists are uniting following the "Stop Corporate Control" action to plan a bigger and more radical action for June 18th. In Albuquerque (US) a feminist activist collective, feminists liberating our world (flow), are organising for June 18th, Meanwhile, south of the border in Mexico D.F there will be an action on the Stock Exchange.

Back North, Eugene, Oregon will have a party and finance tours around downtown, stopping at particularly "bad" institutions. Also planned are music, games, and murals Further down the coast, The San Francisco Bay Area is bubbling with excitement as J18 draws near. Planning is focused on the ten worst locally-based multinational multideath corporations. 2500-5000 flyers have already been printed for SF. They say, "ART ATTACK HITS FINANCIAL DISTRICT" in addition to a graphic of a tripod. In Vancouver 3000 flyers and 2400 stick up posters have been printed with the meeting point for J18 revelrous subversion:

And the sun will set on June 18th in Downtown Los Angeles where there'll be a J18 Street Party:

'in mass we'll march, bike ride, dance, protest and party towards destinations to be announced. Have fun. Be creative. There will be music. There will be dancing. Remember, revolution is the festival of the oppressed!,/i>' (LA Reclaim The Streets)

June 18 US Coalition:

Reclaim The Streets:
North American Mailing List:

Send an email to
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Boston: Boston Encuentro: US:
PO Box 204, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Denver: J18 Group: US:

Electronic Electronic Disturbance Theatre: US:

Eugene: Eugene PeaceWorks: US:

Kansas: J18 Group: US:
P.O. Box 442286, Lawrence, KS 66044

Lincoln: J18 Group: US:

Los Angeles: Reclaim The Streets: US:

GLOBAL STREET PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Coincide With the G8 Summit
in Cologne, Germany

JUNE 18, 1999

Assemble at 1:00pm on the corner of 5th and Hill
in PERSHING SQUARE, across the street from the
Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.

Then in mass we'll march, bike ride, dance, protest and party towards destinations to be announced. Have fun. Be creative. Bring banners, food, drums, puppets...Show up in costumes (business attire for example)! There will be music. There will be dancing. Remember, revolution is the festival of the oppressed! This is an autonomous action. There are no leaders and no determined plan. Get creative. Get Feral.

over ecosystems and communities



email Los Angeles June 18th Coalition
at: or
San Diego June 18th c/o Sandi Smith
Box 261 6161 El Cajon Blvd.
Suite B San Diego, CA, 92115

Massachusetts: Earth First!: Western Massachusetts US:

Minneapolis, Minnesota: US:
Tel: 612-362-3387

New England: Diverse Women for Diversity: US:

New England: General Chad and Co: US: GenChad1@AOL.COM

New York: The IWW: US:
New York City General Membership Branch
PO Box 752, Planetarium Station
New York, NY 10024

New York: Reclaim The Streets: US:

New York: Situationist/Creative Group: US:

Oakland:Economic Justice Now: US:

Portland, Oregon:
End Corporate Dominance Alliance: US:
PO Box 1375, Portland,
Oregon, USA, 97207

Reno: Reclaim The Streets: US:

San Francisco: Rainforest Action Network: US:
221 Pine, 5th Floor,
San Francisco, CA 94104, USA
Phone: (415) 398-4404
Fax: (415) 398-2732

Santa Cruz: Street and Highway Transport Workers Industrial Union 530 - SC Branch
Industrial Workers of the World: US:

Seattle: J18 Group: US:


National Network: Bioengineering Action Network: Canada:

Toronto: J18 Group: Canada:

Montreal / Quebec: Canada:

Ottawa J18 Network: Canada:

Vancouver: Canadian Autoworkers Lower Mainland Human Rights Council: Canada:

Regina: University of Regina Students' Union and The Canadian Union of Public Employees: Canada:
Local 2419, University of Regina, Regina, SK S4S 0A2
Phone: (306) 586-8811 extn.203
Fax: (306) 586-8812


The Sydney J18 Collective say: 'The J-One-Eight Public Holiday will definitely be 1999's biggest anti-globalization event - a carnival, a direct action, a street festival.'

Mobile and bold squads of activists will be able to create a sense of mass agitation and excitement. There will be banner hangs on main arterial roads to Central Business District, street theatre on expressways to the city, autonomous actions targetting individual corporations, a lunchtime mass action "Anti-Business Lunch", and a 'Scumbags Tour" of corporate HQ. Also planned are a mass "Friday Night Office Party" street procession at peak hour and a special J18 Critical Mass bike ride through the business di strict.

Australian J18 Discussion List:
subscribe j18 your-email-address
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Reclaim the Streets: Sydney:

Sydney J18 network: Aus:

Conversations for the 21st Century:


National Garment Workers Confederation
Phone: 88-019-340268
Fax: 88-02-9562562


Actions are being organised in Bilbo (Bilbao) and Iru~na, (Pamplona).

J18 network:
Phone: 944244954 Basque Country


Centro de Defesa dos Direitos Humanos
- Euzebio Rocha em Defesa do Brasil e do Provo Brasileiro:

ECDA - Encuentro Continental de Derecho Alternativo (Continental Assembly on Alternative Law):

Tribunal da Divida
(External Debt Tribunal / Campaign for
Non-payment of External Debt):


A conscientious objection group, and street performers will march in Santiago in protest against the banning of street performing.

Santiago J18 network:


In Medellin, Colombia, autonomous groups are organising a forum on globalisation, a carnival against multinationals with a potlatch bazaar, traditional games and puppets and acrobats, music videos and poetry, and a concert with local ska and punk bands. There will also be a dem onstration at the multinational Banco Santander.

"we are conscious of the devastating capability of transnational capital but we are also conscious of the creative capacity of imagination and freedom. That's why we will protest in force but we will also celebrate with joy, the joy of making possible human contact, warmth, art and life." Club de los Intelectuales Podridos (Decaying Intellectuals' Club)

Club De Los Intelectuales Podridos Medellin:


AUSTRIA: UG/OeGB/Austria: Independant Unionists within the Austrian Union Federation OeGB

Karl Fischbacher
1150 Wein
Phone/Fax *43-1-98 33 992

Zeme predevism!
(Earth First / Reclaim The Streets):
PO Box 237
160 41 Praha 6
Czech Republic

FINLAND: Muutoksen Kev":
PO Box 847
33101 Tampere

FRANCE: French Unemployed Movement:

FRANCE: Nantes: Nantes est une fete!:
113 rue d'allonville
44000 Natntes, France

FRANCE: Pericles:


There's a mass 'Laugh-Parade', where thousands of people will make a laughing stock of the G8 leaders. There will also be a camp for activists coming from different countries (including 400 Indian activists at the climax of their direct action tour of Europe), and on the 19th, a mass demonstration against the G8 summit.

Anti-MAI and Globalisation Campaign:

GERMANY: Koln: Buendnis Koelne 99
Koernerstr. 69
50823 Koeln
Phone: 49- 221/ 952 00 08
Fax: 49- 221/ 952 00 77

GERMANY: Berlin: J18 Group:

GERMANY: Frankfurt:
Regional Action Group:
Fax: 0049-69-774670 (mark with 'WIR')
Phone: 0049-69-774670 on
Mondays 18.30-23.00 GMT
Wednesdays 18.30-22.00 GMT
Sundays 11.00-15.00 GMT
-ask for the 'W.I.R. Group'

Caravan Web Site

The Irish section of the International Workers' Association is organising for J18 in Belfast.

What we are planning is a street party in Milano, something like a street rave parade, and a similar one in Roma: we should be able to involve in the party a large number of squats, sound systems and common people, to create a fun partyin' venue in both cities. We also have a link in the UK, London, which you can contact at the following email address:

see our web page at
Mailing list:

MALTA: Moviment Graffitti:
Organising a J18 punk concert

NETHERLANDS: Beurs Appel - 18 juni!:
c/o Strohalm Oudegracht 42
3511 AR Utrecht
The Netherlands
Phone: 31-30-2314314
Fax: 31-30-2343986

POLAND: Green Federation:


ROMANIA: Ecotopia:

A network of environmental groups is organising for J18 in Huelva. From Valencia : We're planning two open "critical mass" in the afternoon, a big street party and some groups are going to do some direct actions all over the city.' In Asturies, 'feminist, autonomous, ecologist, sindicalist groups are organizing a carnival in front of the public savings bank CAJASTUR.'

SPAIN: Barcelona J18 Network:

SPAIN: J18 Madrid:
Ecologistas en Accion,
Internacional/Contra-Maastricht: Movimento contra la Europa Maastricht
c/ Campomanes 13, 2, 28013 Madrid, Spain

SPAIN: J18 Network (100 groups):
Foros Telematicos Socioambientales de Huelva:

SWEDEN: J18 Group:

SWITZERLAND: Lausanne A J18 street party: 'Here, the streets, privatized by cars, will be given back to the citizens. A huge event with music and more'

UK: Wales:
The 'cymraeg dim sharid a cymraeg' collective is planning a critical mass cycle blockade in Cardiff,.

UK: Wales:
Cardiff J18 Group:

UK: Scotland:
There will be an action in Edinburgh on Sat 12th june with 10,000 £10 bank notes from the Bank of Bigotry distributed. And on the 18th a global street party in Glasgow.

UK: Scotland: Edinburgh:
Edinburgh Autonomous Centre:
17 West Montgomery Place
Edinburgh EH7 5HA
Phone: 0131 557 6242

UK: Scotland: Glasgow:
FastLane Peacecamp:
Phone: 01436 820 901

UK: England:
Lancaster Freedom Collective have 'a day of actions on local corporate nasties'.... In Newbury 'hundreds of happy, smiling folk, dressed up and armed with banners, posters, leaflets, custard pies, D-locks and much partying paraphernalia will converge on Vodafone and show them a better way of living!'.

In London the day will begin with Critical Mass cyclists riding into the heart of the beast in the City (the financial centre of London), followed by pickets of Reed Employment Agency, Smithfields meat market and McDonalds. Meanwhile autonomous groups will be hitting targets all over the City. The Association of Autonomous Astronauts are calling a protest against the militarisation of space, and International Solidarity with Workers in Russia (ISWoR), are doing actions against Gap Clothing. At midday debt cancellation activists will start off a global chain reaction - a human chain around the Treasury in Whitehall, and then thousands of people will come together for a powerful Carnival of Resistance in the financial Square Mile organised by London Reclaim The Streets!

UK: England: Green Student Network:

UK: England: Bristol:
Phone:0117 939 9469

UK: England: Brighton:
J18 Action Group:
Phone:01273 698192

UK: England: Hull:
Hull on Earth:
c/o PO Box 43, Hull

UK: England: Lancaster:
J18 Group:

UK: England: Leeds:
Leeds EF!:
Phone:0113 262 9365

UK: England: Liverpool: Resistance and Liberty Hall:
Phone: 0151 726 9752

UK: England: Liverpool: Liverpool EF!:
Phone: 0151 727 1611

UK: England: London: Animal Action:

UK: England: London: Genetic Engineering Network:
Phone: 0181 347 9516

UK: England: London: Mclibel/London Greenpeace:

UK: England: London: Merton Claimants Action Group:

UK: England: Manchester: Earth First! (Manchester):

UK: England: Manchester: J18 Group:
Tel 0161 226 6814

UK: England: Newcastle: TAPP:
c/o PO Box 1TA
Newcastle Upon
Tyne, NE1 1TA

UK: England: Norfolk: Earth First! (Norfolk):
Phone: 01603 629482

UK: England: Nottingham : Earth First! (Notts):
Phone: 0115 9585 666

UK: England: Oxford: Corporate Watch/J18 Group:
Phone: 01865 791391

UK: England: Sheffield: J18 Group:

UK: England: Stoke on Trent:
Planet Sound Community Arts:

UK: England: Sunderland:
Tel 0191 552 9232

UK: England: Winchester:
J18 Group :
Phone:01962 889409

UK: England: London: Reclaim The Streets:

RTS WWW site


The National Alliance of Peoples Movements (NAPM). say:

'There will be protests across 25 states in India, involving hundreds of thousands of people who have been marginalised by the market economy and World Trade Organisation policies. Many capital developments are coming to India but they benefit only the rich.'

National Alliance of Peoples Movements:
S7 D. V. Pradhan Road, Near Tilak Bridge, Hindu colony, Dadar(East), Mumbai - 400 014, India
Phone & Fax: 91 - 471 - 50 1376

National Fishworkers Forum:
Veelankanni Junction,Valiyathura, Thiruvananthapuram 695 008, INDIA



Serikat Petani Sumatera Utara/SPSU
(North Sumatra Peasant Union):
Jl. Karya Jasa 58, Pangkalan Masyhur, Medan, North Sumatera, Indonesia 20143
Tel/Fax: 62 61 7862073


Green Action Israel:


PICIS - Policy and Information Center for International Solidarity : South
TaeKwang bdg, 4th fl, 1410-3
Shillim 5 Dong, Kwanak Gu, Seoul,
Korea, 151-015



Chicoko: Nigeria
Bayelsa State,
Phone: 234 84 236365


International Solidarity with Workers in Russia - ISWoR


N° 3 Cité Jardiparc x Cambérène, BP 21.014 Dakar - SENEGAL
Phone: (221) 835 45 27
Fax: (221) 835 45 37


Ponderosa Pine:


The J18 network is working on ideas such as :
- a spoof trade fair
- banks for the poor outside the banks, where they can deposit misery and unemployment. Invite rubbish workers to deposit their rubbish (their capital!) in these banks, and block the streets with their carts.
- posters and flyers, designed like cheques or dollars.

J18 network Montevideo:


Students for Environmental Action:
5 Abel Road, Athlone, Greendale, Harare


A SEED Europe:
PO Box 92066
1090 AB
Phone: 32-20-6682236
Fax: 32-20-4682275

Campaign Against the Arms Trade:
Phone: 44 (0)171 281 0297

Communitaz Web Site

GEN: Information for action against genetic engineering:


Peoples Global
PGA WWW site



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