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june 18 1999

At last the June 18th video is out....

June 18 Trailer: 105 secs

18 minutes of sizzling video to inspireyou and your friends. It includes a 1.45min spoof Hollywood block buster movietrailer for J18. The trailer can beviewed with RealPlayer at www.backspace.org/j18.

June 18 Video: 18 minutes

As well as the trailer it includes a comic but critical look at theIMF and world bank, and spoof adverts aboutthe G8 and growth economics.

This video is produced to inspire people to get involved in theinternational day of action, protest and carnival aimed at the heart of the global economy, the banking and financial districts, on June the 18th.Show it to your friends, use it at public meetings, project it ontobuildings, air it on local TV, put it on your web site, copy the spooftrailer on to the beginning of hired video tapes - use it in whatever wayyou wish and pass it on to others when you've finished !

VHS - Total running time 18 minutes.
  • J18 Trailer - Spoof Hollywood trailer for June 18th - 1.45 min.
    Produced by Reclaim the Streets.rts@gn.apc.org - tel: 0171 281 4621
  • Washes Whiter - Resistance against the IMF and World Bank - 14 mins.
    Produced by Undercurrents. underc@gn.apc.org - tel: 01865 203662
  • Bull in a China Shop - Spoof advert about growth economics - 1min.
    Produced by Adbusters Media Foundation.www.adbusters.org
  • G8 Ecoside - spoof advert about G8 summit - 1min.
    Produced by Adbusters Media Foundation. www.adbusters.org

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