J18 flyer from Boston, US




When : NOON, JUNE 18, 1999

The Boston ENCUENTRO invites you to join us in answering a call from activists from all the continents to mark June 18 with massive protests in the major world financial centers . That's when the G8 - the world's wealthiest nations - and the World Trade Organization meet in Cologne, Germany to champion neoliberal global capitalism and plan for another century of their world domination. Around the world, people will expose and oppose the workings of the world financial system and its devastating effects on working and poor women, men and children -- while holding festivals, reclaiming the streets, and taking the day off from work.

Our idea is to combine satire and entertainment with serious critique, to shine light on the dark side of finance capital - the giant banks at the center of the neoliberal conquest of the world. With satirical actions like the attached (draft) mock letter from "Fleece Boston," we will draw people's attention to the gigantic merger of BankBoston and Fleet Bank, which already promises layoffs of more than 5,000 workers and cutbacks in ATM's and other services to non-corporate customers. We will expose the way banks and other corporations use mergers to try to decrease our power as workers, customers and citizens, using our money to exploit and oppress people here in Boston and all around the world.

At noon on June 18, Boston Encuentro and other activists and groups will rally in the plaza between BankBoston and Fleet headquarters, 100 Federal St., Boston, near Downtown Crossing. We'll begin with a conga line, music, puppets, street theater and leaflets. There's a rumor that Zapatistas may ride in on horses to show their solidarity. Cad Gifford and Terror Murray, the bank CEOs, will apologize to the people, cry and tear their hair. Later, people will get in line at both banks and seek their applications for restitution grants.

Because June 18 will see actions around the planet, it would be a good day for activists to carry out other protests, rallies and actions focusing on their own immediate issues -- the spiraling cost of health care and poor HMO service; gentrification, outrageous rent increases, evictions and homelessness; wages too low to live on; the prison industrial complex;; oppressive policies toward welfare recipients, immigrants, and students; environmental destruction and biotechnology; and huge new commercial complexes, like the KMART proposal in JP.

If you and your organization agree that it's time to expose neoliberal global capitalism and to make the links across our many needs and struggles, join us in planning and carrying out this action.

For more information contact Boston Encuentro at Box 204, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 or via email c/o . For more on June 18 around the world, see the website http://www.gn.apc.org/june18.


-- DRAFT --

The New BankBoston/Fleet Megabank
We Ate the World!


To All Whom We Have Bilked and Oppressed:
As we take stock during this fateful merger, we come face to face with all the evil we have done:

We have loaned billions to prop up dictators in the Caribbean and South America, then impoverished the people of these nations by forcing them to pay back the loans the dictators signed for;

In Boston, we have [redlined and block busted -- WE FEAR FOLKS WON'T KNOW THESE TERMS], profited from the torching of whole neighborhoods, racial violence, and the displacement of thousands.

Lately, we have financed massive real estate and commercial developments in those same neighborhoods, forcing the equivalent of ethnic and class cleansing - making Boston clean for the Gentry. [WE LIKED THE CLEANSING TERM]

We bankroll sweatshop operations, profiting from the labor and blood of women and children paid pennies a day for work under inhuman conditions.

For years we blatantly funded apartheid in South Africa.

More recently, we float giant bonds to build maximum security prisons and support private companies who trade in human flesh in those same prisons. [TOM, YOU NEED TO DECIDE WHETHER TO KEEP THIS IN GIVEN OUR INCOMPLETE RESEARCH]

Of course we especially covet those bloody war investments, now that we have a new war that's so good for business.

And we know that if we do not change, the merger will be the excuse for massive layoffs, icnreased bank fees and poorer customer service, all to help our profits soar.

Along with other giant world banks and planning organizations like the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization and NAFTA, we are the heart of transnational capital - the engine of the new world order, the global economy.

And we now see clearly how it stinks of corruption, greed and oppression - constructing an ever wider divide between the rich few and the impoverished, exploited, disempowered many.... We know we must change.

Today, we make restitution! Some may view it as but a token - it is less than two percent of our wealth - but we offer ONE BILLION DOLLARS to partially repay our debt to society. Starting today, any non-managerial employee or non-corporate customer of BankBoston or Fleet - or any other person who can prove never to have invested in any multinational corporation or bank - may apply today for grants from $10,000 to $100,000.

Just get in line after l2:00 p.m. on June 18 and we'll provide the application form to process your grant. Don't delay - and please forgive us!

Signed: Cad Gifford and Terror Murray, CEOs, the new FLEECE BOSTON

PS: We will make similar offers to the people of other nations we have plundered.