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june 18 1999

related news
Update 17 June

A selection of links to June 18 related news stories.

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Top Stories

  • Gap grows between haves and have-nots
    While two decades ago members of Argentina's wealthiest stratum earned eight times more than their poorest compatriots, today the ratio is 25 to one according to new figures.

  • Globalisation and employment
    Worldwide 27 million people - 90 per cent of them women - now work in the export processing zones (EPZs) set up to take advantage of globalisation. Yet although they are responsible for 70 per cent of world trade and 80 per cent of foreign investment, TNCs directly employ only three per cent of the world's labour force.

  • Inter-Continental Caravan; UK Reports
    Email Reports from the recent visit of the Caravan to the UK. The Caravan is made up of farmers and grass roots activists from the Southern Hemisphere, who are on a month long tour in the run up to June18th. They are protesting against globalisation, free trade and corporate rule.

  • Globalisation: a disaster for women?
    Women workers across the world have forced globalisation into the dock at the seventh conference of women trade unionists in Brazil. The conference heard that globalisation has resulted in the erosion of workers rights, plummeting wages and a rise in temporary contracts - hitting women hardest.

  • The UN's corporate sponsors:
    For just US$50,000, corporations with tarnished human rights and environmental records can sign up as 'sponsors' of a poverty alleviation scheme run by the United Nations Development Program. Is this flirtation with corporations in the interest of the world's poor, or just another opportunity for companies to 'greenwash' their image?

  • Labour rights set back 100 years in Duty-Free Zones
    Low-paid workers - mostly women - are trapped in conditions close to slavery in the 'maquiladoras' of Central America and the Caribbean.

  • A global financial crisis?
    Free trade and capitalism are often touted as the only answer to all the world's ills. But could they be causing the problems of poverty and hunger in the first place? Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics a the University of Ottawa, is convinced that humanity is now undergoing an economic crisis of unprecedented scale.

  • Trade - is it really free?
    Forget debt. Forget aid. Far and away the most important issue in global relations is international trade. The transnational corporations (TNCs) that control two thirds of the world's trade also have a big say in global politics - and their key demand is for unlimited, unregulated access to all world markets.

  • International Society for Ecology and Culture
    Working on 3 continents to to challenge the view that the global economy is universally beneficial.

  • Jubilee 2000 - All roads lead to Cologne
    Details of actions being taken by Jubilee 2000 supporters: The Debt March; the cyclists and the Richshaw Freedom Riders

  • One World guides
    on issues including: Arms Trade; ChildLabour; Climate Change; Debt; EthicalConsumers; Genetic Engineering; Globalisation; Immigration; Human Rights; Landmines; Land Rights; MediaDemocracy; MultilateralAgreement on Investment (MAI); Population; Poverty; StructuralAdjustment Programmes (SAPs); The City; Trade; TransnationalCorporations (TNCs); UnitedNations; Women'sRights; World Bankand the IMF; World Trade

  • Wide Open to the Web Warriors
    Activists are using the internet to fight large companies over ethical issues. Yet many major brand-owners lack a clear counter-strategy.Marketing Magazine Reed reports

  • Military plays a silent role in boosting expansion
  • Africa: Industry calls for free trade zone by 2000
  • Malaysian villagers have pledged to stand their ground in the face of plans for a giant dam project.

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  • City faces mass protest threat Sunday Telegraph May 16 1999

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