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june 18 1999


June 18 Reports

All pakistan federation of united trade unions arrests

Press release.

On June 18,1999 our organization took out procession to condemn against the nuclear and against the explosion of atom bomb by pakistan and india. In the meanwhile necessary report was transmitted you by our acting secretary information mr. Asghar ali on june 19,1999.

However the same is recapitulated here with some additional information for your illustration.

The rally was started early in the morning from the gts chowk and the enthusiasm of the workers and school children was worth seen. No doubt the movement of apfutu ( all Pakistan federation of united trade unions ).The leadership of apfutu already had gone underground on 14.06.99.Suddenly the said leadership came out on 18 june with wearing masks and vail and joined the rally.

Inspite of the fact the local administration had blockaded from every neck and corner and even ready to arrest them. The police was making night raid since two night. The police entered in the union house as well as imtiaz labor hall on the midnight of 17& 18 june and try to find out the clue of the leadership, when police fail to achieve the object they become revengeful and made subversion and ravage of office record. While leaving the union house they carried away with them the office computer with accessories, move camera, electric type writer, panasonic fx-f 90 fax machine,slogin banners in scribed, tv 26" (color ), two carpet and crockery etc. They also burnet out the office record in to ashes.

When the underground leadership appeared in the procession the protester become furious and come into the rage. The protester start their march while breaking the police control circle. Procession passing through chowk fawara, kabuli gate, shahfasil gate, chowk pakistan, prince cinema chowk, jail chowk and they reached district courts chowk with enchanting slogans against the government as well as neuclare.In front of deputy commissioner office the apfutu ( women wing )leadership were sitting with hunger strike since morning as a protest against the nuclear explosion.

The majority of the maleworkers have put out their shirts by order of their leadership, while garlanding bread where the protest and demand slogan were inscribed. The said slogan were to finish inflation and increasing rate of commodities of life, we want bread not nuclear bomb, the nuclear is dangerous for human life, we do not like to make our country like hiroshima and nagasaki, but we want to bring peace and harmony, we are peace loving country and most virtuous nation, commanding to do good and denouncing evil.

Afterward a protest gathering was held in the district court chowk and mr.Pirzada imtiaz syed secretary general address the meeting with full of zeal and enthusiasm. His words were sufficient were strong to peace the heart of the listeners and it was difficult to control the feeling of the protesters during his speech near about 3/4 hundreds police commandos came into action and they arrest to pirzada with choudhry riaz ahmad president, mohammad shakeel janjua s.V.P, ayub ali khan deputy secretary general, zulfiqar ali information secretary, haroon h rasheed,choudhry javid iqbal, raja allah ditta, mohammad noveed, syed zia ullah azam, akhtar pervez, mohammad inayat sabri, mohammad yousaf, so hail yousaf with other 50 active members. During this action the police was given free hands to use lothy charge and tear gas to the innocent male and female workers and school children's without any cogent reason.

Our organization strongly condemned such brutal action and general prejudice treatment given by police. On june 19, 1999 the local administration has released 50 active workers on after arrest bail, and rest of them shifted in to district jail from police station. It has come to know from reliable sources that police has registered an fir. To damage/ harm territorial integrity of the country. According to standing laws of our country the punishment of said case is death penalty. On 21 june 1999 the session court has confirm the bail except choudhry riaz ahmed president, mohammad shakeel janjua s.V.P. Pirzada imtiaz syed, secretary general, ayub ali khan, haroon h rasheed secretary international relations, mohammad inayat sabri, president pakistan bricks kiln labor union, mohammad noveed, president bone crushing industries labor union. The released office bearers has narrated the sad story with a deep grief and sorrow that the executive members have been tortured and given sound thrashing.

To day on 21 june 1999 an emergency meeting was conducted under the auspicious riaz masee,s.V.P of pakistan brick kiln labor union. In this meeting the following persons were selected to the cause of working for the solidarity and prosperity of organization. The detail is as under please

caretaker presidentriaz masee
caretaker s.V.Pchoudhry javid iqbal
caretaker vice presidentmohammad noveed
caretaker secretary generalsyed naseer akhtar
caretaker deputy Secretaryasghar ali
secretary informationzulfiqar ali

In addition to above facts it was held out in the meeting that the cases registered against high command leadership are apishly are very serious nature and required vigilante attention. The hearing of these cases will be held in the supreme court of pakistan and workers are unable to bear the expanses likely to be incurred foe engaging a lawyer and other allied expanses. As our organization has not sufficient funds. Therefore to day on june 21,1999, we have open two bank accounts in the name of " international solidarity funds of apfutu" with the" allied bank of pakistan limited", main branch gujrat. The detail of bank account as under please:-

title of account:international solidarity fund of apfutu
bank account no :1180 ( u.S. Dollars )
1181 ( german mark )
name of bank: allied bank of pakistan limited,
main branch
,chowk nawabsahib gujrat

It is a great time of our test and experience that who will stand by us in such a critical movement. It is well known fact that the friend in need is a friend in deed. Who will help us at the time of distress. So i, on behalf of my organization appeal your good self to stand by us in such a critical moment. Your one u.S.Dollor or german mark is great boon and helpful for us. As you are well aware and conscious of this fact that a many a little will make a mickle.All well wishers should come forward and arrange to transfer the cash direct in our bank accounts and the cheques / bank drafts could be sent to our union address.

All pakistan federation of united trade unions ( apfutu ) union house, rang pura, sargodha road, gujrat - 50700 ( pakistan ) i as well as my organization workers are awaiting for your kind and favorable response at your good self. Thanks!

With best regards!

Syed naseer akhtar
caretaker secretary general
apfutu, union house, rangpura,
sargodha road, gujrat-50700 ( pakistan )
fax : ( 92-4331 ) 52 53 02

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