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june 18 1999


June 18 Reports

ZURICH: not the first time, not the last time...

Yesterday night about 300 people - that's a lot for this smallprovinical town! - occupied a construction site in zurichs "uprising area", kreis 5. two bands played, napking (hardcore) and the peacocks (ska). after the concerts there was a rave, a bar, beer, people, a crane, a movie (the reclaim the street film - unless its horrible cover!!! ) smalltalk, an excavator, politics, fire... it was a really great mood - the best party for years! Even the cops couldn't bother us.Although they didn't like the party very much - but who cares... they left the place after having played their usual cholerical and aggressive game... an the show went on for the rest of the night.

Why a street party on a construction site?
(a partial translation of the enclosed leaflet)

(...) the place of todays party can be taken as an example for the "uprising" toorich/zurich. the building constructed here - called "the docks" (!) - taking londons docklands as an idol (sic!) - contains all the symptomes the propagated revaluation of the city brings withit as its president says: "Revaluation means getting rid of deficits and make use of potentials." To get rid of or to make use of means depending of the point of view: urban, trendy and openminded. a little new york in the heart of zurich, can be read in the brochure of the docks. right. at least concerning little n.y. and its zero tolerance politics. expulsion of drug users, migrants and the notstyledandposh inhabitants. unless all the urban, trendy and openminded fuss nobody cares if cops force a nigerian man to undress himself in puplic, if drugusers have to lay on the street for hours having a cops knee in their back.(...) trendsetting is not disturbing. urban is neat and clean. openminded is what money can buy.(...) (...) all approved by a redgreen cities government. (...) as everywherein europe social- and wellfare systems are abolished metropols too shouldbecome economical units, granting the best possible chances for potential investors (...) most modern "social technology" together with security mania and zero tolerance. (...)To get rid of deficits and to make use of potentials: interesting wordsfor expulsion and zero tolerance.the anti-wto- and sauvage-groups of toorich



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