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june 18 1999

An International day of action, protest and carnival aimed at the heart of the global economy.

UK STOP PRESS: November 30th 1999
N30 UK London Euston Reporting Site Now Live HERE!

UK STOP PRESS: November 1999
Since the City of London Police published a large gallery of suspects they wanted to identify in connection with the J18 Carnival in London, and in the run up to the Seattle WTO meeting, new evidence has come to light...

See the latest info here

28 July 1999
Statement in response to the UK police reports on June 18
by Matthew Barret of London RTS

The publication of the police reports on the worldwide June 18 anti-capitalism demonstrations is merely a public relations excercise. As inequality and ecological devestation increase resistance will grow; inevitably the police will be asking for more money and powers. The 'violence' on the day was not organised, but a spontaneous eruption of disatisfaction and anger at the ravages of capital - the demands of profit come before the needs of life.

Media articles on the Police report
London Evening Standard

  • Police bungled the city riot
  • City post-mortem: Learning the lesson of the City riots
  • Day of reckoning for City force

    What's happening where? This is what was planned in 43 countries around the world.


    Look on our WORLD MAP or...
    updates as they are put up.

    ITALY Report: Anarcociclisti walk about


    USA: Further Reports: Washington DC, 600 in chain around treasury : Los Angeles : San Francisco : Eugene: anarchists vs. cops : Eugene: Cops attack anarchists

    ZIMBABWE Report: Students Raise Awareness

    SPAIN Further Reports: Latest Reports

    AUSTRALIA Further Reports and Images: from Melbourne : from Sydney

    NETHERLANDS Report: Amsterdam Stock Exchange Transformed By Activists

    UK: Further Reports: London: Personal Account : Lancaster: Nuclear Law Firm Occupied : Glasgow - Aonther Eyewitness Report : Edinburgh - PAINT BOMBS PLASTER NEW DEAL PROFITEER : Edinburgh - Banks Occupied

    CANADA: New reports
    Vancouver Stock Exchange quarantined : Toronto "cops on duty"

    Parties in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa
    Report here

    The Montevideo June 18th Network occupied the main square of the Old Town (the financial centre); at about 12:30 a type of trade fair was set up.
    La Coordinadora 18 de junio de Montevideo, ocupó la principal plaza de la Ciudad Vieja (el centro financiero); alrededor de las 12:30 se dispuzo el armado de una especie de feria.
    Report here

    Thousands participate but organisers arrested - an appeal for solidarity
    Report here. Images to follow

    En Argentina habrá un servicio multirreligioso al mediodía frente al Banco Central, para repudiar el pago de la deuda y protestar por la cumbre del Grupo de los Ocho en Colonia.

    Ecological group "Ecoresistance" and antiparty group "Chyrvony Zhond" organized picket near the McDonald's in the center of Minsk, the most public place. Report here

    Close on 10,000 people partied and rioted in the heart of London's financial district. Get the full story

    Melbourne and Sydney both did live webcasting on their actions. The Biotic Baking Brigade have struck in Melbourne! Get the reports here

    Music, fireworks and games as 300 protest in the centre of Valencia
    Report here

    Street party on June 18 after invasion of the stock exchange earlier in the week
    Report here

    not the first time, not the last time...
    Report here

    Large number of arrests including many members of the Inter-Continental Caravan
    More Info here

    Street Party In Glasgow
    Report here

    10,000 take to the streets in Nigeria
    full report here

    update here

    37 Arrested in New York. Other protests throughout the country
    More about the protests in New York and elsewhere here

    KOLN/GERMANY: 9:20pm (GMT 1)
    40 people arrested in Koln but protestors trapped inside a tram keep up the party spirit.
    More news from Germany...

    AUSTRALIA: 1.25 (GMT 1) - Kim Beazley, the Leader of the Opposition, was pied for speaking at a meeting about APEC and Global Trade, sponsored by Shell, and organised by Monash Uni.
    More info on Australia...

    SPAIN/BARCELONA: 12.15 (GMT 1) - Protestors disrupt commuter traffic.
    More info on Spain

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  • STOP PRESS - Nov 99
    Rogues Gallery - Now Online

    Internet Misrepresentation

    This site will continue to be updated with reports from actions around the world. Please bare in mind that reports from some countries may take longer to come in than others - please return to get the full picture of events on J18.

    What can you do?
    Contact the Summit and tell them what you think about globalisation HERE

    Images of the day in London.

    Examples of Press Releases from UK.

    Now you can see the j18 compilation video Archive of the event (30 mins). Well done to all involved who showed how grassroots media can now speak a larger truth than the corporate media.

    Pirate TV helped provide live webcasts throughout the day on J18, the streams were rebroadcast across the world including

    Live webcasting from the Sydney j18 actions started at 1am GMT June 18th 1999. Throughout the day they posted reports, pictures and audio and video clips to their website - see: Melbourne was also relaying reports from:

    Throughout the day a chat room was up and running allowing people to discuss and report events. The facility that was used can be seen here

    What time is it? See the world clock

    The official G8 summit site

    Zapata Virtual Sit in : Zapata Vive!

    In India, the National Alliance of Peoples Movements (NAPM). say:
    'There will be protests across 25 states in India, involving hundreds of thousands of people who have been marginalised by the market economy and World Trade Organisation policies. Many capital developments are coming to India but they benefit only the rich.'

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