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june 18 1999

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Several of the articles covering events in London published in the UK daily papers on Saturday June 19th included references to the use of the Internet. It is important to take a closer look at some of what was said:

"They (the campaigners) used the latest computer codes to try and ensure secrecy while communicating over the Internet"

"The 'Carnival Against Capitalism' posed particular problems to the authorities because it was co-ordinated via the Internet."

These reports give an incorrect impression, they imply that there was something sinister about the use of the Internet. Full and extensive J18 information was placed on the Internet to ensure that information was freely available. The general approach was to be as open as possible, and to set up a website which would reflect the diversity and wide reach of the current campaign against globalisation.

In line with this transparent approach the campaigners did not use encryption, or as The Express put it 'computer codes'. Anyone visiting the website was invited to join the 'organising' discussion mailing list, an open email list that anyone in the world could join or post their own messages to. While the Internet was an important communication channel between the 40 or so countries, it must be realised that the number of people connected to the Internet, while being roughly 170,000,000 - still only accounts for 5% of the world population. Many many countries with limited Internet access took part in the J18 protests - their reports will take longer to come in.

The website was always intended to be used as a reporting tool to provide a space for all of the news from the different actions. Reports are still coming in and the site will continue to be updated as and when updates are received.

The text of a related Press Release dated 16/06/99 can be found here

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