Sat 18th - Sun 26th November 2000

WELCOME TO THE VOLCANO FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL. This festival operates as any volcano would ... plenty of underground activity which sporadicaly rises to the surface in a fantastic display of light and sound often terrifying the people who live in it's shadow. Once cooled off, the unsightly flow provides a rich seam bringing forth a robust flourish of creativity.

This site is your guide to all of that. See films with Vacuum , meet the clubs and find out what we've done in the past.

Unfunded. Unpredictable. Unlimited.
Volcano delivers culture without prescription.

If you are an individual with films and videos and want to show your work please see our clubs page or if you are a club and want to be part of the festival, please email us :-

For further information telephone ( 44) 020 7833 1009