Ever reviewing its activities, Volcano decided to take the festival out of a venue and put it on the net. Anyone anywhere in the world could write in for a kit wich would set them up for a lavatastic evening of local films.

Backspace have a video archive of our Volcanic activities. Check it out!

This years eruption was a massive hit. Based at the Oval House in Kennington, and with fantastic lime green! graphics, it enjoyed high profile action. The festival only ran for 8 days and we used the Theatre as the main screening and events venue alongside the large film events such as OMSK, Exploding and Halloween which happened at their usual venues around London. The events happened all over the building, sometimes two at a time in separate theatres (the large theatre seating 200 and the small one about 70). The cafe was the hotspot as it was overwhelmed with projections, installations by Exploding and My Eyes, and most importantly, film fans. It was one of the busiest periods the venue could remember. We had groups visiting from Keil and Munich in Germany and New York. We also screened programmes from Tokyo and Chicago film clubs and had wild collaborative nights with the likes of Arthur Lager and Club Vavavavoom who did a night of shlock horror and Ian White's night of films presented by the Divine David which went down a storm.. The final night of Volcano 98 rocked with The Dream City Film Club playing in amongst performers, installations and films from each group..

Volcano 97 was much like the year before as groups pulled together doing their events around the capital... but this time for two full weeks.. The final eruption was at Goodsway in Kings Cross wth all the groups putting in a programme of work creating a sampler evening of the whole festival.. great for those who missed the events and even better for those who didn't.

The first year of the festival kerrrrannged into existence with a head on confrontation with the London Film Festival at their press launch. Journalists were thrilled with the phenomenon of a festival for a mere £360 raised, as it is every year, by the participating groups. After a procession around Soho with a 'live' Volcano strapped to the roof of an estate car from which 16mm loops were being projected, the festival got under way to sell out gigs.

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