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June 18 Reports

Pirate TV: Are webcasting NOW! Click here for the stream.

Images of the day...thousands of protestors crowded into Liverpool Street Station and took to the streets...

LONDON: June 18th Hour by Hour

LONDON - 11.45pm (GMT 1) Square still peacefull, party atmosphere :-)

LONDON: 9:30pm (GMT 1)
Trafalger Square still full of protestors. Mood more relaxed - full party in progress - drummers and dancing in the fountains...

LONDON: 9:30pm (GMT 1)
Trafalger Square still full of thousands of protestors. Police have cleared the roads surrounding. Mixed reports but seems peacefull.

LONDON: 9:00pm (GMT 1)
Trafalger Square still full of thousands of protestors.

LONDON: 9:00pm (GMT 1)
Carnival sound system impounded by police - surrounded by riot vans in Kings Cross...French girl arrested and taken to Kentish Town police station.

LONDON: 8:30pm (GMT 1)
Leicester Square
Police clearing protestors from Leicester Square

LONDON: 8:00pm (GMT 1)
Around 2,000 people were cleared
from Southwark Bridge by police who blocked roads as they moved forward. Whitehall, the Mall and Charing Cross road were blocked by the police

LONDON: 8:00pm (GMT 1)
Meanwhile up to 2000 others bring the Strand to a standstill for over an hour, police vans following at a distance. UPDATE - at end of Strand police pushing crowd towards Trafalger Square.

LONDON: 8:00pm (GMT 1)
Around 2,000 people were cleared from Southwark Bridge by police who blocked roads as they moved forward. Whitehall, the Mall and Charing Cross road were blocked by the police

LONDON: 7.00pm (GMT 1) North side of Blackfriars Bridge
300 people dancing to the sound system (now out of the city). Very low police presence. Other groups now dispersed across central london.

LONDON: 6.25pm (GMT 1)
At 18:00 hours in a report by a UK radio station the first accurate descriptions of the serious injuries sustained by protestors throughout the afternoon was broadcast. Many of the UK media news reports were surprisingly accurate, reporting on the diverse and peaceful nature of the day. As the Carnival like atmosphere spread throughout the city, demonstrators seeped through the initial police cordon and proceeded to dance through the streets.

While the news reports have made a point of stressing the peaceful nature of the majority of the participants, it is regrettable that the other focus of the reports has been on the violence and the prevailing traffic conditions as a result of the event, rather than the extroadinary global coalition that has united in over 40 countries to protest against globalisation.

LONDON: 6:15pm (GMT 1) Southwark Bridge
Police beating indescriminantly after they blocked the bridge. Many of those trapped receiving serious beatings with head injuries etc.

LONDON: 5.20pm (GMT 1) - Another brick in the wall for capitalism
Carnival goers bricked up the London International Financial Futures and & Options Exchange building to make the point that there is no future in the current financial system. 'There is no future in Futures.' The wall was built to a height of 5 feet using breeze blocks and cement brought into the city during the carnival. The building was evacuated.

LONDON: 4.05pm (GMT 1) - Police aggression continues even after protestor was injured by police van...3 storey fountain cools hot partygoers...giant heads bring music to the masses...

LONDON: 2.50pm (GMT 1) - Person injured by police van, ambulance needed. Police drive at speed into crowd.

LONDON: 1.40pm (GMT 1) - Thousands of protestors demonstrate outside McDonalds restaurant. City workers dancing in the street with carnival goers. Liverpool Street and Old Street are blocked by 3,000 partying protestors...more arriving all the time

LONDON: 3.50pm (GMT 1)LATEST - Police agression continues even after earlier incident when protestor was injured by police van...3 storey fountain cools hot partygoers...giant heads bring music to the masses...

LONDON: 2.40pm (GMT 1) 2.45pm (GMT 1) - Protestors unfurl huge banner at UK carnival...police drive at high speed into crowd...more info...

LONDON: 1.50pm (GMT 1) Thousands protest outside Mcdonalds restaurant. City workers dance in the street with carnival goers. Liverpool Street and Old Street are blocked by 3,000 partying protestors...more arriving all the time...

LONDON: 1.00 (GMT 1) - Several thousand people demonstrated outside McDonald's in the City. Old Street was blocked by police vans, and people ran back towards the station. Inside shops, parties were held. TV crews were present, but the police presence was low-key.

LONDON: 11:45am (GMT 1)- Business comes to a halt as activists occupy Lloyds Bank in protest at support of arms export industry

LONDON: 10:00 - Activists in occupation of Natwest Bank

LONDON: 9:45am (GMT 1) Office occupied at 9.30am revealed to be KPMG

LONDON: 9:30am (GMT 1) LLoyds Bank in St. Pauls occupied
4 People are locked on inside the bank of British Aerospace. More protesters are picketing outside the building

LONDON: 9:30am (GMT 1) 30 Protesters occupy another office in the City
The company does not know that they have been occupied yet - more details when they do

LONDON: 9:30am (GMT 1) 30 Protesters occupy another office in the City
The company does not know that they have been occupied yet - more details when they do

LONDON: 0900 Hrs - Campaign Against The Arms Trade occupy Friends Provident office near St Pauls - Banner dropped from building.

London: Critical Mass blocked Liverpool St with car - it's tyres slashed to prevent movement. They also dropped a banner from London Bridge. 3 people were arersted during the action. 700 people are currently blocking London Bridge. The action is ongoing. Liverpool St McDonalds is currently blocked in a 'festival type' action where 200 people are currently 'dancing and whistling'. A banner has been hugn which says 'McDonalds are guilty of exploiting their workers, destroying the environment and murdering animals'

LONDON: 8:00am (GMT 1) 600 Cyclists take to the streets of the City of London
Report with pictures here

In London Radio Interferance is broadcasting continuously on 106.8 FM (or somewhere near that frequency) while the city prepares the biggest global protest against international finance yet.

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LONDON: Personal Account

The June 18th demo against the G8 Summit in the City of London was amazing! It was possibly the best riot in London since the Poll Tax one. The cops totally lost control of the situation and got a good beating, and various business like McDonald's, car showrooms, banks and the Futures Exchange were trashed. According to the press four cops were hospitalised. The City was also covered in anarchist graffiti. Every time you were with a large mob thinking this is great all these people, you'd turn the corner and there'd be an even larger crowd there creating mayhem!

The day began (for me) at the Smithfield Meat Market at 10.30am. There was a few hundred activists and quite a few cops. The meat market usually operates in the early hours in the morning but there are normally a few people around at this time. Not so on the 18th: all the loading bays were shuttered up and the entrances were heavily locked. So instead there was a march to the British Poultry Association HQ on High Holborn, stopping outside while before going on to the Imperial Cancer Research Fund offices at Lincoln's Inn Fields via various McDonald's.

After that the march made its way into the City where it met up with the other activists at Liverpool Station. There must have been tens of thousands of people there totally filling the station concourse and the surrounding streets.

There were drummers in the middle of the station and the acoustics were excellent - you could hear the sound booming out from outside despite the absence of electrical amplification. Other drummers and musicians were outside "entertaining the troops" whilst some people climbed up the walls of the banks and tied banners from them.

The weather was very hot and most of the office workers came out to enjoy the carnival-type atmosphere.

But lurking in the background, down side-streets, were the massed forces of the state: the City of London police (who are just for the square mile that is the financial district), the Metropolitan Police, and also vans from the Kent police. At this point they were taking a low-key approach.

People were drinking and there was allegedly some consumption of recreational drugs. The situation was a powderkeg gently simmering (excuse the mixed metaphor) waiting for a spark to kick things off.

Down the surrounding side roads were lines of riot cops in balaclavas, helmets, black boiler suits and shields blocking the way. After an hour or so people wanted to move off around the City and weren't too happy at being prevented from doing so. The situation built up with the help of the ever-present "brew crew" (crusties fond of drinking 'Special Brew' extra-strong lager) and the cops came under bombardment with bottles and cans and whatever else came to hand.

But the 'thin blue line' couldn't hold out forever and eventually the mob surged through them and surrounded several riot vans. The police shit themselves and beat a hasty retreat into the relative refuge of their vehicles. Some people climbed on top and were dancing and stomping on the roof while other kicked the sides in and tore off bumpers and numberplates. After a short while the police decided they'd had enough and reversed down the road at speed. A few people were knocked down by the fleeing vans and one woman required an ambulance and fire engine after she was trapped beneath a riot van.

After this the cops stopped trying the direct confrontation method and watched from the sidelines as windows were put in and graffiti was liberally daubed over merchant banks and public monuments.

A McDonald's on the route was totally ransacked by activists who put through every window, smashed up the inside and sprayed graffiti on the inside walls. The cash tills were also removed and broken open on the road outside so people could help themselves to the money.

Just down the road was the LIFFE building (the Futures Exchange) where some sort of trading in stocks and shares goes on. Protesters tried to storm the building and the foyer was totally trashed. Police were trying to intervene but the number of people opposing them forced them to retreat. The security managed to repel a fullscale invasion but all trading was suspended for the day. Someone sprayed "Bankers = Wankers" high on the wall of the building.

Next to this a sound system had been set up and thousands of people were dancing on the road. Some water pipes had been unstoppered and jets of water four storeys high were spraying out. A group of people protesting for the right to be naked in public stripped off in the middle of the crowd. A nearby Mercedes-Benz car showroom was trashed and a car was torched by proteters.

After a few hours of this people moved off to Trafalgar Square to "reclaim" it from Royalists under the slogan "Fuck the Royal Wedding". The whole square was filled with hippies, punks, crusties, ravers and anarchos, with fire jugglers and drummers providing entertainment. Nelson's column was daubed with anti-police and anti-royal graffiti. People stayed well into the evening and as far as I know nothing kicked off after that.

There were also smaller actions happening simultaneously across the City such as sit-ins at various banks, protests against Third World Debt and "Critical Mass" cycle ride in the morning to bring traffic in the City to a standstill.

When I went round the day after (Sat 19) smashed windows were boarded up and glaziers were hard at work. Cleaners were already starting to scrub graffiti off the buildings (strange they don't work so quickly in our parts of town). The City is deserted on Saturday and Sunday anyway so weekend business won't really be affected.

The Evening Standard (London local daily paper) claimed in its early editions: "A ragbag of causes but no real anarchy". They'll have to amend that belief in their Monday issue judging by the headines in the Saturday papers.

In summary: the day exceeded my already high expectations, but in hindsight if more people had been properly "tooled up" there was the potential for much more damage to have been caused. Also, due to the hot weather people weren't excessively masked up, so it remains to be seen whether the police will pick people out at a later date from security video footage.

If there's another one of these demos I would urge everyone to come - it's definitely not an event to miss and you won't be disappointed.

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Lancaster: Nuclear Law Firm Occupied

June 18th Group occupied lawfirm FreshFields in protest against the firm's defence of Sellafield in nuclear pollution case and other representing other corporate cliens in cases regarding pollution of River Lune with chemical waste. Activists brought mud and river water into the law firm's offices to show them the results of their actions.

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0117 939 9469


J18 action group
01273 298 192 or 01273 698192 Email: brightonj18@lycosmail.com


J18 action group
Email: june15cambridge@hotmail.com


Hull on Earth
c/o PO Box 43, Hull, HU1 1AA


J18 Group
Email: lancaster-j18@joymail.com
WWW: http://www.june18.freeuk.com Planned events: Morning: Actions across the city, various andinspired. Afternoon, market square, 3:30 pm for 4 pm departure: The Call It What You Want Ride. Bring whistles, bells, banners, music, fancydress and food to share for a post-ride picnic. An event to celebratethe bike, ride together in warmth and safety, act simultaneouslyand in solidarity with thousands of others across the globe, opposeenvironmental destruction, social injustice, swop news, catch up,have fun, demonstrate the alternatives to cars, consumerism,capitalism, make new friends, feel empowered (and/or thousandsof other things which you can maybe think of for yourselves!)Evening: Party. Dance to the sounds of capitalism collapsing orsomething like that. Look out for details locally.

- Contact: Lancaster J18 Group Email: lancaster-j18@joymail.comWWW: http://www.june18.freeuk.com


Leeds EF!
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Liverpool EF!
0151 727 1611Resistance and Liberty Hall
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Email: resistance@dial.pipex.com


0171 281 4621

Check out the detailed online London map and book on the inner workings of the Square Mile

7.30 Critical Mass Cycle. West Smithfield EC1

10.00 Picket of Reed Employment Agency, Moorgate branch, EC?. Harringay Solidarity Group. 0181 374 5027

10.30 Picket of Smithfields Meat Market EC1. London Animal Action. 0171 278 3068

11.00 Picket of McDonald's. Liverpool Street Station branch. London Greenpeace. 0171 713 1269

12.00 Carnival Against Capital. Liverpool Street Station. Reclaim the Streets. 0171 281 4621Lunchtime hours & through day. Music, theatre, free food. Various locations. See j18 web site

13.30 Protest against the Militarisation of Space. Meet Green Park tube. Asssociation of Autonomous Astronauts. 0793 0834904

16.00 Picket of Aroma cafe (bought by McDonald's). 135 Bishopgate EC2. London Greenpeace. 0171 713 1269

19.00 Eurobunk. Meet at Waterloo Station for 19.27 Eurostar train to Brussels. Change trains for Cologne and anti-G8 demo on Saturday 19 June. Bring sleeping bag or tent. Contact: eurobunk01@hotmail.com.

- Contact: London RTS
Tel.: 0171 281 4621
Email: rts@gn.apc.org
- Contact: London Genetic Engeneering Network
Tel.: 0181 374 9516
Email: genetics@gn.apc.org
- Contact: London Animal Action
Email: laa@londonaa.demon.co.uk
- Contact: Mclibel/London Greenpeace
Email: mclibel@globalnet.co.uk
- Contact: Movement for a Socialist Future Email: msf@sfuture.demon.co.ukhttp://www.sfuture.demon.co.uk


J18 Group
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Manchester Earth First!
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c/o PO Box 1TA, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 1TA


Norfolk EF!
01603 629482
BOX EF! The green House, 42-46 Bethal St., Norwich


Nottingham J18 Group
0115 9585 666

A variety of different autonomous groups will be heading toLondon on J18 to take part in different actions against finicial targets.Veggies will be distributing free food round the square mile, and transportwill be provided to London for the Carnivial. There will be two trainingdays on the 13th/ 14th for informal skill sharing and useful information forthe day.


Corporate Watch/J18 group
01865 791391


Roadbusters activist group
Email: roadbusters@clara.net


J18 Group
0114 273 1987

Stoke on Trent

Planet Sound Community Arts
Email: JoePSCA@aol.com


(Yassen Rousser)
0191 552 9232


J18 Group
01962 889409,


Email: socs203@york.ac.uk
Land Address: PO Box 232, York, NOY 232

Menwith Hill protest planned for the 20th.

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June 18 started off full of potential in Glasgow with an unprecedented level of support for the whole scam. Things went a wee bit haywire for a while and things seemed to revert to plan C (chaos) for a distressingly long time. Once the (alleged)original plan went wrong, creative desperationn took over.

George Square became the sight of an unofficial Radio 1 party sort of thing. Twoi sound systems, a critical mass bike ride and one old ford fiest reg. J18 RTS added to the possibilities. The fatal error... the assorted masses, by this time approaching 500, were getting pissed (like me at the moment). We took to the roads stopping at the Bank of Scotland, the Job Centre, The army Recruitement Office and Styrathclyde Police HQ. What started out as a damp squib became an amazing demonstration of people power. AROUND 10,000 LEAFLETS EXPLAINING THE MULTI NATIONAL ASPECT OF THE DEMO WERE DISTRIBUTED AND WERE MET WITH DISMAY, JOY, ANGER AND AGREEMENT.

It is fair to say that the demo was unbelievably succesful. WE marched around trhe city for about 2 hours then headed for the park. Partied for a few hours more and then set off for th e pub. No, repeat no arrests...unbeliervable.Final score--- Planet Earth 500, Earth destroying stupid capitalist shitheads 0. Love you all altjough I know none of you. Glasgow has joined the Global family.Hooray for all of us. Love, Peace and understyanding... Rabbit Man.

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We are a group of friends who are not involved in any formal organisation, but we hate workfare, the companies who profit from it, and the whole exploiting system.

Tonight around midnight on 17/18 June we paintbombed the Reed Employment office at 13 Frederick St and flyposted both Reed Employment and Reed Accountancy at 25 Frederick St., in central Edinburgh.

The text of the poster read


New Deal? A Dirty Deal


Compulsory cheap labour for =A355 per week if you can't get a job


Undermining everyone's wages and conditions


Workers - pressurise your boss to boycott the New Deal

Unemployed - organise to defend ourselves


We took this action as part of the ongoing opposition to Reeds running the New Deal scheme in the Hackney and City areas of London. And we took action as part of the global day of action on 18 June against the G8 summit in Koln, Germany and the capitalist system."

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Edinburgh - Banks Occupied 12 June

Demonstrators occupied two banks, blockaded a third and staged an unauthorised march along Princes Street., Edinburgh, today.

100 people took action as part of coordinated world protests to highlight the links between economic globalisation, poverty, and the destruction of the Earth's environment.

Behind a banner reading GLOBAL CAPITAL CAN BANK ON GLOBAL RESISTANCE whistle blowing, drumming protesters stormed into the Clydesdale Bank on Hanover St. . Exiting the Clydesdale, the crowd then took over the Abbey National also in Hanover St. and staged a half hour party inside with druming, dancing and singing, while the bank's plate glass windows were plastered with posters. Later a 100 strong crowd blockaded the Halifax on George St., then marched along George St. & Princes St., Edinburgh's main street. The day's actions finished with a demonstration outside the Bank of Scotland Headquarters on the Mound.

6 van loads of police were in attendance but were unable to stop the direct action. There were no arrests.

The actions are being held "in recognition that the global capitalist economy lies at the root of many of the woes facing us today: war, systematic ecological destruction, poverty and starvation of large parts of humanity, global exploitation of workers and peasants, mass maltreatment and killing of animals... the list is endless," according to Kenneth Johnston, a member of the group who organised the Edinburgh event. "Globalisation, Neoliberalism, the Free Market - whatever its new names and attributes, capitalism has always been inherently flawed: it reduces people and a beautifully rich natural world to just one dimension: the one that increases profits."

For further information, please contact:
Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh
17, W Montgomery St., Edinburgh, EH7 5HA
0131 557 6242

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400-500 people participated in a moving street carnival in Glasgow, Scotland on 18th June as part of the global resistance to G8 and capitalism. An unauthorised march wended its way through the city centre for several hours, stopping for an hour or so in George Square, and culminating in Kelvingrove Park.

There were no arrests - the only known attempt at an arrest, in George Square, being thwarted by determined demonstrators who surrounded the police and ensured the handcuffed prisoner was freed.

With two mobile sound systems housed in vans, a contingent of drummers and many blowing whistles, the demo brought office and shop workers to the windows and the streets as it passed by. Passers by were curious and intrigued and large quantities of flyers and leaflets were distributed. Many of the demonstrators were in fancy dress, particularly striking was a multi person monster! The march involved a range of ages, including several parents pushing kids in buggies.

The demonstrators joined forces from 3 different meeting points,plus a contingent of cyclists who staged a mini critical mass. The cyclists featured some unusual machines, notabley a pedal powered rocket.

Banners included GLOBAL CAPITAL CAN BANK ON GLOBAL RESISTANCE, RESISTANCE WILL BE AS GLOBAL AS CAPITALISM with the names of dozens of the cities world-wide where action was taking place, and CAPITALISM IS STUPID.

The march stopped at various appropriate sites, including an Armed Forces Careers office where demonstrators hammered on the windows, a large bank of Scotland branch where Bank of Bigotry notes were distributed to staff outside, and the Pitt Street police station where the walls of babylon shuddered and shook and the polis looked particularly pissed off. The activity lasted for around 7 hours in all, from the gathering at the meeting points at 1pm till the departure from the Park at around 8pm.

A June 18th Street Party was also scheduled for Aberdeen in north east Scotland but we have not yet been able to find out what happened.

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first ever RTS meet 12 noon Castle Gate


Saturday June 12th Meet 12 noon at the MoundCarnival and Protest Against Capital including opportunity to learn a new dance called the G8 Stomp which some of us will take to London and then Cologne for 18th.

Also ranting and laugh-in.
Abolish Debt
Abolish Money
Create the Gift Economy

Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh:
Land Address: 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh EH7 5HA
Tel: 44 (0)131 557 6242
E mail: lothian@burn.ucsd.edu ace@punk.org.uk
WWW: http://burn.ucsd.edu/~lothian/j18/


Glasgow will be playing it's part in the action on June 18th. The Scottish Resistance against the global economy will be taking place at the same time as others in over 30 countries across the world.

Meet on Friday the 18th of June (of course) at 1pm. The venues for the meeting places are at Subway stations throughout the city.

St. Enochs - City centre
Kelvinbridge - West end
Kinning park - South side

Bring yourself, a radio, drums, attitude and party.

A new world..... Has it ever been so necessary?

e-mail: j18glasgow@hotmail.com
www: http://bak.spc.org/j18/glasgow/



Planned events: A Reclaim The Streets event that will start on Windsor Rd Penarth at 12pm. It will proceed to the barrage gate, onto the barrage construction site and onto the eco-village site.

Contact: Cardiff J18 Group
Email: efmaxmania@hotmail.com

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