This workshop is part of the Backspace radio project RADIOSPACE.

Would you like to be involved ?
We have equipment ( soft / hardware ), and knowledge.
Feel free to maill / ring & ask / participate.
informations: /// put 'radiospace' in the subject
Each participant will go through two 2-hour sessions.

Use Of Backspace Audio Facilities & Audio Production on Mac

1) mixing process & use of mixing desk:
- understanding of desk structure: channels, groups, effects, auxiliaries monitoring, LED level indicator...
- understanding & use of single channel parameters on mixing desk
- use of level monitoring through LED level indicator with understanding of separate level controls for: groups, channels, mix;
- routing of sound through LED level indicator & monitoring of that sound through control room speakers or headphones
2) basics of RealAudio software & MPEG encoding:
- use and understanding of RealAudio: encoding, live streaming, server
- practical use of MPEG audio format

3) basics of sound production will include:
- basics of sound: wave structure of sound, understanding of frequency: what’s frequency, what’s f. range, sound volume & distortion;
- basics of sound editing: use & understanding of different processes: compressing & limiting, equalizing, noise gating, flanging, delaying...
- applying above knowledge in use of editing software (SoundEdit,Cubasis AV);


Above knowledge and skills are important if not essential for webcasting.
No software can produce/encode good quality sound if that desired quality of sound isn’t delivered to the computer that’s handling the software. Software is a tool, but it’s use depends on our knowledge and awareness of it’s cons & pros.

Final (under)achievement is always our; we choose our tools.


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