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25th Nov. 96 @ bak/spc *Launch* - 'Flowing with the Tide'

Siraj Izhar, Giovanni D'Angelo.

2nd Dec. 96 @ mute Rob La Frenais- curating in 2096

Michael Micz Flor- Virtual Tattoo Parlour

16th Dec. 96 @ bak/spc Adam Dant - Donald Parsnip's daily journal

video linkup.

27th Jan. 97 @ bak/spc Ella Gibbs of belt

Alexei Shulgin of the Moscow www Art Centre

3rd Feb. 97 @ bak/spc The Loading Deck present Mugger Music

Nick Crowe, Jane Gant, Graham Parker, Ian Rawlinson

24th Feb. 97 @bak/spc ? ? ?

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