Updated Backspace Hosts Schedule for AUGUST 98

If any of you need to adjust arrangements either edit this file and notify spacers@backspace.org or work it out with each other and tell james ...whatever

Spacers Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Hannah Metcalf (k)
0181 579 4054
      4-8pm 12-5pm    
Gio D'Angelo (k)
0171 787 0933
Tony Prug (k)
0171 403 6827
    12-5pm       12-5pm
Rachel Baker (k)
0171 2725816
Richard Marthinson
0171 254 5591
        4-8pm 4-8pm  
John Hayward (k)
0171 377 0553
Michaela Vlkova (k)
0181 690 4251
12-5pm   5-8pm        
Lotta (k)
          12-5pm 4-8pm
Miles (k)

John Allan (k)
0181 5335880
  4-8pm   12-5pm      
James Stevens
is moving home (k)
0973 318881
 Attendance     Gavin Camilla Gronbladh      
 Janitor ?              

Guidence for the hosting of backspace in 1998

On arrival:

Opening up:
Arrive to open on time 12 AM. (very important), Collect post from the lobby and bring it in with you and distribute or stash it in the drawers by the decks.. Check supplies of coffee, tea and milk and if nessary get more, Sweep/hoover around where appropriate. Restack magazines, leaflets and recase CD's, videos' and vinyl. Clean front glass and riverside window.

During your session:
Please insist on all members showing their cards on entry to the space. You may know them but others may not so do it anyway. Promote the the 30 mins maximun waiting time for all users. Don't forget that when you are in bak.spc using the macs and not hosting that you are aware of members waiting and yield yourselves.

Remember to look up and greet visitors to the space, they may be on their first visit and require some coaxing...give them a leaflet and introduce them to a member so they feel engaged right from the off....then get them to join, show the site.

Play some music, show your work, show off a bit..........

Spend time with each new/prospective member, find out: how they found out about bak.spc what they hope to do here what help do they think they need what skills/interests they have

Closing up:
Clear everyone out and close promptly at 8 PM. Get a life!

Please wash up all cups and dishes & clean around kitchen area Wipe clean all desks and surfaces. Empty the bins, bag it up into the council bags and put outside by the carpark on way out. Don't forget to padlock the big doors and lock both the chubbs at the front door of the Wharf.

Please help to keep the kitchen area straight particularly during your session. At other times, get your hands into the sink eh!

Using the Till:
Only host on duty to use till, every transaction to be registered on new membership/till record. Take cheques with cheque cards and write the number and your name and the members email ID on the back.

These outlines are those that I work too, please uphold them or offer a modification to discuss with spacers..................

fear it.............. do it anyway.