|Scum and Junk|


The Scum + Junk website has been set up to disseminate the work of Erlend Williamson; an urban flaneur, artist, and all round good egg. Unfortunately, it also has to stand as a testament to his imagination and creativity as he died in a tragic climbing accident at the end of October 1996.

This site is designed to complement the exhibition "SOMEWHERE" (held at the agency, London 17th - 25th May 1997) which focuses on his last works, and the catalogue (also titled "SOMEWHERE") which tries to show highlights of his output over the last ten years.

Erlend's work investigates the urban landscape, relishing what is usually held in disdain. With a blatant disregard for those aspects of city life which are promoted as being positive, he applies the "language" of tourism to the unemployment office, the joy rider, and graffiti. Voyeristic, yes, but not from an ironic distance, rather he reports from an enthusiastic immersion, in amongst the social detritus. Drawing our attention to the excitement, the thrills and spills of this social landscape, without passing moral judgement or poeticising the very real despair that exists as a backdrop to it all.

As a friend to many and as an enthusiastic member of the London art scene he will be sorely missed.