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Luna Nera has been working as an artist-curator group since 1997 in London. During this time we have created a number of large-scale live and visual art events in disused premises, including a Victorian theatre, 17thC underground prison, synagogue, church, and factories in the East London area. We have commissioned various local and international artists to produce live and visual site-responsive works.

Luna Nera aims to stimulate interest in the environmental and architectural heritage of localities. By asking the audience to re-look at sites in a new way, Luna Nera addresses a series of issues around ideas of society, community, history, memory and public space. Our mission is to reclaim disused or abandoned "forgotten" spaces through art. The work is created and presented in direct response to the environment, transcribing histories, memories, textures and functions into art.

Luna Nera is concerned with exploring the conjunction of theory and practice in site-specific/site-responsive work, through a series of projects that also include text, talks and workshops.

In addition to working in London, Luna Nera has been working abroad. In 2000 Luna Nera was invited to Russia to work with Dirigible create a large-scale site-responsive project, which was subsequently shown at Moscow Art Fair 2001. In September 2002 we worked in Berlin in a disused factory site for "Helden der Arbeit? Festival of Art in Old Factories" and created live art in the Kunstfabrik. In November 2002 we were invited to Weimar where we worked on collaborative projects for the BackUp Media Art in Film festival, in the e-Werk strassenbahn depot.

In February 2003 Luna Nera went to Zurich to take part in the DAdA Festival, where we created live art installations with performance in an old paper factory.In summer 2003 in St Petersburg we will create a site-specific project on July 27, 2003. We will also collaborate with Creatmosphere to present the first Faites des Lumieres in London in October 2003.

The Artists (please see artists pagesfor portfolios of work)

The members of Luna Nera are:

  • Gillian McIver - Video and installation artist, working in object assemblage and creating narrative structures
  • Sandrine Albert - Installation artist working with video and photo-art, focusing on transformation of found objects with particular interest in issues of Time, audience participation and creation of environments evolved from particular infrastructures. (based London and Barcelona)
  • Valentina Floris - Video and installations working with notions of the surreal, surprise and surveillance
  • Julian Ronnefeldt - Video and Installations artist, involving computer generated / transformed images.
  • Hilary Powell - Installation artist, working with site related objects and materials.
  • Ben Foot - Installations, video, kinetic event objects.
  • Natasha Mayran - Performance including vocal, trapeze and dance (associate member, based in Paris)
  • Gil Bensmana - Large-scale photo installation (associate member, based in Paris)

In addition, Luna Nera usually invite other artists to exhibit/participate/perform. Artists are chosen by submission of idea or work. Guest artists are responsible for presenting their work and Luna Nera does not take commission from work sold by any artist.

Artists who have been part of Luna Nera projects include:

Dirizhable / Marissa Carnesky / Milo Taylor / Chris Singer / Evil Moisture / The Tiger Lillies / Claudine Schaeffer-Legrand / The Jesus Underground / Bingo / Caia / Nicola Green and Jairo Zaldua / Liliana Klimova / Michael Park / Mark Squire / Mark Video /Stephanie Crouail / Derek Hart / Charro Ramirez / Peter Findlay / Stelios Styllianou / Kos Ahmet / Elfie Brandther / Jo Vox / Juana Serrat / David Remondo... and many more...


Luna Nera Group CV

2003 - "EVIL ART - Return to DaDa" 291 Gallery, London. Live multidisciplinary art event featuring work from the DaDa Festival, Zurich.

-- DADA Festwochen, Zurich Switzerland. Festival of international live art in old paper factory complex.

2002 - "Pulsare" - sound/light/video collaboration with Künstlergrüppe T.R.O., Wilhelminenhofstr. 16, Berlin.

-- BackUp Festival, Weimar, Germany. Collaboration with international artists for LoungeLab, experimental art environment.

-- Kunstfabrik, Berlin. Collaboration with group T.R.O. in old factory.

-- "Helden der Arbeit?" Festival of Art in Old Factories, Berlin. Festival of international artists.

2001 - Art-Dialogues Festival, St Petersburg - Luna Nera art-video programme

-- Moscow - "Art Moscow" art fair - Central House of Artists - Luna Nera together with Russian groups" Dirizhable" and "Sphere" presented video, installation and photo works from the "Floodplain of Time" project

--Attalaki "The Meeting" - Atelier des Artists, Alexandria, Egypt - Luna Nera presented a programme of video works in this historic villa.

2000 - Luna Nera artists presented a video installation for the London International Film Festival, shown at the Lux Cinema.

-- Berlin - Luna Nera artist Gillian McIver and performer Luc Boisclair made a series of site-specific performances in the city. The work forms part of the installation-performance project "Europa"

--"Present Perfect" - Nizhny Novgorod - Luna Nera and the other participants presented the finished video and photographic works from the "Floodplain of Time" project, and held a workshop on site-specific art practice. Centre for Contemporary Art.

-- The Third International Festival of Performance and Experimental Art: : The Manezh Central Exhibition Hall - St Petersburg Russia
Luna Nera together with Natasha Mayran showed installation video and performance

--"Floodplain of Time" - Nizhny Novgorod, Russia: Luna Nera collaborated with 17 Russian artists from across Russia in a site-specific landart intervention in a former electricity-generating station. The artists created installations, video and performance.

--"Thames-Oka Project" - Luna Nera and Russian art group Dirizhable collaborated on events in London with a book launch of the latest Dirizhable artist's books and an installation/performance .

--"Luna Nera" - The Colosseum Project launched their first show of the 21st century as "Luna Nera" with an event in a disused factory showing site-specific installations

1999 - Colosseum V: The Colosseum Project @ The House of Detention (The Clerkenwell Festival): Organisation of visual arts exhibition of 14 international artists: films, video, installations, sculpture, paining and photographs in the strange subterranean world of a 17th century underground prison. Eight performances over two nights.

1998 - Colosseum IV: An event in a disused bank in Shoreditch, London. Visual arts by the Colosseum Project and six nights of performance, ranging from music to poetry dance and experimental acts.

-- Colosseum III: In conjunction with the Whitechapel Gallery, the third Colosseum Project show took place in a former ironworks. Visual arts were presented.

1997 - Colosseum II at the Old Colosseum Theatre: The Colosseum Project's second show was a site-specific gallery of visual art by the Colosseum Project and 10 guest artists.

-- Colosseum I: The first Colosseum Project took place in the Old Colosseum Theatre, an unrestored 19th century music hall in the East End of London. The exhibition took place over two weekends and featured visual art, video and performance including music, trapeze and dance.

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