How to make a Homunculus.

Kill a black cat, dig its eyes out and put them in the eggs of a black hen (one egg for each eye). Let the eggs rot in a pile of horse dung and forwith a little devil will be born from each egg who will do what ever you want.

Useful things for the Homunculus to do.

Love spell
Get the women, or man of your heart ache to spit on the eggs before you bury them in the horse shit.
Washing up
Sit in an easy chair whilst your little friends do the washing up for you. (Smoking of pipe and reading of paper optional)
Darning your socks
Go out on the town whilst your little friends stay in and do the sewing for you.
Something unusual submitted by John
I would make it go round in an "electronic" type frenzze, eating up all the pretty young womens pantys in the Whole Wide World and deliver them to my door vacum packed and labeled with the girls names and a little picture of them in an old school uniform....
James would get theirs to get him a lottery ticket twice a week.

I am sure you could come up with a few interesting things for your homunculus to do so why not use the form below and send them off to me or mail me direct.

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