Media Lab & Riverside Lounge

A warm welcome to you all visiting either for the fist time or on a return trip... pleased you dipped your toe.......

The concept and organization of Backspace is intrinsically linked to the ebb and flow of the Thames, a much abused and maligned source of inspiration and energy.

Backspace is an an open environment for exploration and expression on the Internet and the focal point for related events, audio, visual and otherwise, with particular bias toward the diverse talents its subscribers

Enquiring minds are encouraged to make contact and get involved.
Open all day everyday.

Consider yourself invited.

The Backspace site represents the activities and interests of subscribers and friends, promoting access, learning, discussion and development. Membership to backspace comes in twelve flavours @ £25 per month! Subscribers gain: full internet access dial-up account, quality access to the web, an email account and an open invitation to drop in any time for as long as you like, meet up with friends or just chill out by the riverside.

Backspace now also features a growing collection of unique tools for use on the internet: an event log onto which anyone can schedule any weekly and special events that can then easily be searched and sorted to taste!, Favespace where any user can recommend useful, extrordinary or simply beautiful sites, Relay is a personal log of the goings on in and around backspace and kept by diferent members each month. Please mail if you would like produce the log for next month.

If you would like to contribute your work or experiments please contact and describe your ideas, contributions will be subject to our rigorous non censorship : HA .... It's for your own protection!

For up to the minute information on subscription or our many projects e-mail BACKSPACE directly at
Telephone: 07973318881