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screen clubs
Backspace is the product of years of mad tekky activites of James Stevens. Very into broadcasting live over the internet - most recently: Friday 18th June during the anti-Capitalism demo - and are very keen to make on line broadcasting a regular thing. Check out and Vacuum on the same server..

Contact: James Stevens on

The Exploding Cinema is a non-profit collective from South London. They began showing films in Cooltan, a disused suntan oil factory in Brixton, 9 years ago. They do not curate and therefore show all short films submitted to them, leaving the audience to judge the work.

Their regular screenings pull audiences of 150 - 200 people who feel at liberty to make their opinions of the films felt. Over the years they have remained anti-funding witnessing many funded film workshops disappear after losing their funding. All the members of the collective are volunteers and they operate an open door policy - anyone can join. Their long held belief is that if you have made a film, especially with your own money, you should have somewhere to show it without curatorial intervention. All profits go to improving equipment and providing a professional standard of exhibition.

Contact: Jennet or Paul on 0207 732 8058
or Thomas on 0208 671 9422


Halloween was formed by Philip Ilson and Tim Harding in 1994. After holding initial screenings of short films in rooms above Soho pubs, they moved to the spectacular 1940's ballroom of Notre Dame Hall just off Leicester Square where they could put on spectacular themed events mixing film and cabaret all held together by compere Eddie Sponge. They teamed with the other London film groups in 1996 to stage the Volcano Independent Film Festival. Through 1997, Halloween were invited to do short film events at Festivals in Canada and Australia, and collaborating with the London Film Festival on a themed nighclubbing event with short films and DJs. From this grew the hugely successful Kentra club culture event mixing film, DJ's, and visuals, which took up residency in Notre Dame Hall through 1998 and made The Face end of year list for best clubs. Halloween changed format slightly, with new compere Timothy Of London and his resident easy listening band, plus resident DJ James Anderson. Kentra moved to the newly opened Scala in 1999, before finally folding at the end of that year, and Halloween too moved into the East London's Vibe Bar for a series of screenings through early 2000, before negotiating a more permanent Halloween venue in the now closed Museum Of Moving Image on the South Bank to open in January 2001.

CONTACT: PHILIP - 0207 833 1009

Kiosk is the slackest collective in London. In fact, it's difficutl to know if they are happening or not. When they do evenings of short films and video, board games and odd tunes - it's a pretty good place to be. Racey, slick with a GSOH - Kiosk delivers - when they can be bothered.. Kiosk

My Eyes... My Eyes are a cheeky group from the Woolwich area. Famous for blowing arts council grants on boat trips and mad collaborations with rare groups like Autonomous Astronauts Association and GPO. A favourite past time is heckling Exploding Cinema or anyone who'll make for good entertainment. They are always open to film submissions: 16mm, Super 8, Video but the programme is curated. They are also keen on performance and installation artists.

Contact: or phone 0966 201826

My Eyes

OMSK gives voice to the unprecedented and the seldom seen. Countless performers and live art acts have engaged OMSK audiences, including The Dragon Ladies and The Frank Chickens, The Sonic Catering Band, Lovely Jon, Snidey, Raving Feminine Duet, the Molotov Mongolian Throat Singers, The New Purposists' Exploding Paintings and Free Range's Stigmata Exercise Bicycles. Installation, video art, sound art, food art, sculpture, spoken word, multifarious cinema, animation, physical theatre and site specific dance have all found a home with OMSK. There are very few events which can offer emerging artists such scope for testing their work.

Contact: Steven or Hannah -


Shaolin put together the ultimate marshal arts evenings with live links to the Shaolin monastry and clips from some of the maddest Shaolin and Wu Tang movies - they also screen many short films in the spirit of Shaolin with a variety of computer games on the big screen.


MALDOROR isn't a club - it's a feature film which has been made by 12 English and German no budget film makers and will be screening across the UK before heading over to the New York Underground FF in January. maldoror
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