Welcome to the second in the series of Vacuum compilations. At some point very soon this and sibling 3 sessions will be available on both VHS and vcd formats that will mean we have covered some of the ground we intended when we started all this back in '96.

In this issue you will find we have made a much more eclectic selection of those films and videos on offer and compliled them in a much more haphazard way, well its about getting this stuff seen more than everything so for now if the clips are in any old order perhaps later thay could be reordered however you like, thats database tech for you...

Ok So lets get to it..

#2 playlist

[x]  whitesands		Andrew Corring		07-Mar-2000 23:33   1.8M
[x]  talkaoke focus				07-Mar-2000 22:35   616k
[x]  dark jewels				07-Mar-2000 23:27  1006k
[x]  das capital		Marcello 	07-Mar-2000 22:48   3.4M
[x]  derek the chef	James Stevens		07-Mar-2000 23:18   1.0M
[x]  garagen					07-Mar-2000 23:23   1.4M
[x]  gassoline man	Bill hiles		15-Apr-1999 21:36   978k
[x]  important toy	Jennet Thomas		15-Apr-1999 20:48   1.6M
[x]  j18 response	Mark Silver		07-Mar-2000 22:18   3.8M
[x]  this is Jym..	BABA			09-Dec-1999 20:46   2.8M
[x]  lady rescue	Collette Ruier		20-Mar-2000 18:25   1.2M
[x]  maresnest		Nick Goodman		07-Mar-2000 22:21   1.2M
[x]  my hot pony	ultra flash		29-Sep-1999 23:15   2.1M
[x]  sabotour					07-Mar-2000 23:15   9.5M
[x]  seafilm		Nick Goodman		07-Mar-2000 22:27   2.1M
[x]  talkaoke		liveaction		07-Mar-2000 23:36   1.3M
[x]  tauber					07-Mar-2000 23:38   771k
[x]  transmissions				07-Mar-2000 23:25   537k
[x]  breath		Andrew corring		07-Mar-2000 22:34   1.5M
[x]  XXL2balls					07-Mar-2000 22:38   1.1M