This is the Realmedia version of VACUUM1

LAST BURST AD Happy Cloud SVHS .30 seconds A final burst of energy from British Nuclear Fuel

AFTER THE BOMB Ray Nardine SVHS 30 seconds Post apocalypse cable

SHAOLIN BUDDHA John Coffey VHS 3 mins Supernatural fast edit

ALWAYS Funky Porcini SVHS 30 seconds Sanitary towel subversion

A FRIEND IN THE GARDEN Julia Moore Super 8 6 mins A power struggle beneath the trees

DESTROY ALL MOBSTERS Duncan Reekie Super 8 10 mins Fuck off Avantgardist !

HEADY Jennet Thomas Super 8 8 mins The adventures of an inflatable head

D.I.Y. WORKSHOP Jennet Thomas S8 9 mins Jennet reveals the techniques of no budget animation

SCUM ALLIANCE AD Funky Porcini SVHS .30 seconds Smug tourists in trouble

EDGE O' BEYOND Andrew Coram 16mm 6 mins Winter in a holiday chalet town

LONDON NO WAVE Colette Rouhier SVHS 6 mins A report from the London underground cinema circuit

>BENELUX Pat Klein Super 8 3 mins Frames from the Exploding Cinema tour of the lowlands

DEEPER MEMOIRES OF OBSESSION Javier Gallego VHS 10 mins Passion, vengeance and glamour !

SEACREATURES Colette Rouhier VHS 3 mins Quiz show pond life

STAY IN A FRIENDLY COUNTRY Paul Tarrago S8 14 mins Transcontinental love search

HARRODS Funky Porcini SVHS .30 seconds Everything must go!

HUGO BOSS Anna Rexia SVHS 2 mins The defeminised woman

IDENTITY CRASH The Higher Primate Research Council VHS 5 mins Get your tongue pierced

J'TAIME BOY Colette Rouhier VHS 3 mins Lad massage fest

THERAPY Funky Porcini SVHS .30 mins Death as a career move

KLIPPERTY KLOPP Andrew Kotting Super 8 7 mins Arcane rituals on horse

EVERY WOMAN'S NIGHTMARE Arthur Lager Super 8 8 mins Superimposed sleaze from the cabinet of Dr Lager