The Tingle Factor
a showcase of live art treasures

Thursday 23rd of April 1998 

20:30 - 22:00 BST

The Mall - London
Box Office  44 [0] 171 9303647

5 performances in 1 ! - Live A/V netcast, Games, Music and more

The Tingle Factor shows the best new performancees by international artists,
hand-picked from London's vibrant live art scene.

Subtly shifting light states and illuminated texts create an ever changing
atmosphere, provide custom made surroundings and link each performance
seamlessly to the next.

The interior of the theatre will be transformed by the Tingle Factor,
creating a variety of specific performance locations around the space.
Projected texts lend a filmic quality and guide the audiences attention to
the appropriate area, introducing a metaphoric as well as a physical shift from
one idea to the next.

The artists providing that illusive Tingle Factor on this occasion
will be Hayley Newman, Lone Twin, Bruce Gilchrist, Wayne Brett, Wordworks and
from Russia, Tim Gadasky and Vladimir Yaremenka, the naked Russian poets.

After the show, hang out in the bar and enjoy a sonic cocktail,
courtesy of People Like Us.

The Tingle factor is curated and devised by Kirsten Reynolds and Sue Hart.

e-mail:      fax :  44 [0] 181 6948160

the tingle factor website is at

Previous Tingle factor shows include:
Voltaire Studios, London. November 1994
Cardiff Art in Time Festival, Cardiff. May 1995
AVE Festival Arnhem, The Netherlands. November 1995
supported by ACE, ICA Live Arts, backspace,