Loads and loads of people helped me put the surface site and show together:
Here are a few stars to say hi to and to mention for

...getting me into this tangled web stuff in the first place...answering a zillion the benefit of the doubt...celebrating the demise of the job-for-life...general contributions to flatmate saintliness...feeding mags and gallery spaces...patronage, p45s and handouts...for daring me to ask the manager...for hospitality...coming away on vacation with the camera...for listening to me gabble...demanding online progress reports daily...for getting me out of sw1...technical bric-a-brac and months of encouragement...:

  • All those at Backspace
  • Adam at the Lansdowne
  • Ma & Pa
  • Wendy & Patrick
  • Brad, Marian and Ben at Widemedia
  • Owen and Verity
  • Sophie and Esa
  • Janet at Leading Questions, NY
  • Nick
  • Oz,Thomas, Jorge and Stephen at Razorfish, NY
  • Moy and Laurence at Central St Martin's
  • The Charkins
  • Emily, Nicole & David, Diana, Sophies P&G
  • Susannah & Gideon
  • Mr & Mrs C, Ilan, Jessie, Lekshmy
  • Tracy, Dan & Jonny, Ed, Lizzes H&M
  • Dr Dana, Saul, Oliver & Tara, Rebecca & Toral
  • Sarah, James, Martin, David P
  • Kate E and Ruth S
  • Alan Hill Design, NY
  • The CUSAE team from '95
  • The Picture Man, framers
  • Just Postcards
  • sky photographics
    ...and the rest!

says many, many thanks

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