Various Artists

So you call yourself an artist and you use computer to produce your own artwork.


You have the audacity to presume you were born with a fantastic talent and that everyone should suck your cretaive penis.


But we at Various Artists are prepared to give you sad individuals the chance to prove yourself.
We have supplied you with Strecnolab.Various Artists own baby.
We have also included excerpts from Strecnology, a user guide to Various Artists own techniques, ideas and themes on art, technology and its culture. We hope that Strecnolab will serve as a forum for pictorial discussion about the ramifications of this brave new world.
When you have studied this information, we would like you to create your own artwork and E-mail it to us at this address and we will think about exhibiting it, FOR FREE, in one of Strecnolab's specialist gallery's.

Various Artists