As an architectural design, Strecnolab is based on a technical illustration of a computer hard drive.
As a construction it is situated in the middle of a lake in an endless cyber city called Virtuopia. The Alpha city of Polygonia, a boundless automous state in Cybasia, an infinate cyber continent.
The building is set in a naturalised enviroment. The basic design of the structure has been developed to adapt to its surroundings as a plant does.
This takes the form of a satellite dish surrounded by solar pannels that act like petals to collect the suns energy. A stem and root to reach into the earth to collect heat from the earths core. An underwater wheel that creates energy by controling the artifical tides in the man made lake.
As the structure is situated in the middle of a lake in a pleasure park you can get to it by mini-sub, scuba diving, surface swimming, pedal, rowing and motor boats, jet pack, helicopter, matter transporter,wind surfing and walking on water.
Once you've chosen your preffered mode of transport, you can choose to go to the any of the six image banks, the videodome, the 3D-Zone or the bibliotech.
Unfortunately, due to some slack ass workmanship a full HTML version of 'le gallery' will not be complete for a month or so. (a VRML is our ultimate goal). But as the site is up and running, we have for your delectation a sample of the artwork you will be able to expect from an institution such as this.