Welcome to Strecnolab. Art gallery of the future.


Strecnolab contains 6 unique image galleries, a cinema, a 3D room and a libary for you to study at your leisure. The cinema shows short time movie productions and the libary contains books,poems and zines.
Taking their inspiration from Strecnology, the technical theory of street art. The galleries explore aspects of techno-art from reprographic images to digitisation through to electronic coding.

If your the type of person who gets off on photo-mechanical images. Reprotech is for you.

Ever wanted to be a fabulously wealthy advertising mogul. Yes ?
If you can bribe your way into Artvertising,
Various Artists visualisation of advertising for the future. Then you may get lucky, not.

Bad boy, Rude girl. Check out the computer styles in the Cybergraffix Hall of Fame, seen!.

If you're a computer graphics nerd then Digitizer is for you.

Make an appointment with fear in the Cloneorama. Here you can shudder at the latest in mutant body popping and marvel at the freakish possibilities of genetic engineering gone wrong via the deranged minds of disturbed individuals.

Finally, the Proleterium. A gallery where the good, the bad and the extremely ugly will find themselves. This gallery is dedicated to all average members of the human race. ie. tax payers. Remember, you don't have to be a genius to get in this gallery and it will show !

Then, if you're eager for more.It's the Videodome. Take a seat in the front row and you will be able to watch all those short time movies made by short time movie makers.

If your still in need of visual stimulation. Pick up those red and blue coloured glasses and get yourself down to the 3D-Zone.

And if that isn't enough. Get yourself an education with a trip to the Bibliotech. But you won't find a Charles Dickens book in there.

Lastly, if you're a non-essential, multi-national or global corporation, desperate to pay lots of money to arrogant, conceited, rude, obnoxious artists, to off-set as a tax loss. Then why not take a look at the Various Artists page and E-mail us a blank cheque.

Have a nice day.