Advertising for the future.

Saatchi and Saatchi etc, Eat Shit! This is where the real action is.
You know the scenario only too well. It's your misfortune to work in advertising and you're having the usual problem of selling your highly creative campaigns to your fat, thick clients.


If you want a real challenge, let's see if you can sell them to Various Artists.


The principal behind Artvertising is the creation of new advertising images by re-cycling old ones to create Artvertising, Art is the only answer in Artvertising to selling the product.
If you think you can sell your solutions to us, your're right. We can easily be bribed with American Express travellers cheques and free air miles. Secret Swiss bank accounts full of Nazi gold and stolen art treasures.Stockmarket shares in future technologies, oil, water, gas, electricity, arms and pharmaceutical company's with gross pay incentives, humungus share options and obscene backhanders paid in cash, index related of course.
If you can work to our brief.

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