Alexei Shulgin


Moscow Alexei Shulgin

With the internet, we have to give up the distinctions between artist, curators, critics. Not sure if the scenario will work but will look at the developments.

The artist as a social figure exists in certain systems. With the internet, its something else. the mechanism of art circulation must be different.

My role is to follow the situation. Totally uncertain but free to do anything

Attempts to construct a theory; of course they will not work.

The problem of the underground is that it is very localised. Once on the net, I am now more physically involved through travelling. Its through becoming acquainted with others in different countries that we realised NET ART.

A farm strip show. The model is a real farmer. Approach and technique drawn from Western magazines. Looks awful but you recognise the technique. Its the same. ***link to web site>
Russian art is something that doesn't exist. Happens in the West.

Artists who make a career in the traditional art system fare badly on the net. In the totally open context, the work doesn't work at all.

With Jodi's site, no mention of the word "art". ***link to web site> What is art; is it art; anti-art? There is no answer. The solution?
The only solution is art.