The Loading Deck
present Mugger Music
Nick Crowe, Jane Gant, Graham Parker, Ian Rawlinson

The Loading Deck: Mugger Music

Mugger Music was a time-based multiple made by Nick Crowe, Jane Gant, Graham Parker and Ian Rawlinson in May 1995. It took the form a series of walks over a continuous 24hour period through Manchester following the course of Manchester's polluted and largely invisible River Medlock. One performer leading one audience member through the immense complexity of a city occurring before them.


The colonisation of urban space

The idea of a time based multiple

The surrender of Identity

Ways to describe a city without recourse to fiction or spectacle

Mugger Music the sound the city makes. of things taken away

It was started by an audience member 46 participants each starting every half hour. Wearing headphones following the course of the River Medlock

Identity - Feel like a female partner in a tango?

Answer in a way that you expect people to answer questionnaires?

Being led through the city in a machinic way?

Involvement in some-one else's map. something manipulative.

Mugger Music is a human work, a physical thing. Not presenting a physical thing. Content of the city sits within rather than upon.

Taking the work to New York. Taking people round who know the city better? Taking the one to one relationship. Talking to Manchester-based new Yorkers. The lack of knowledge provides a certain amount of background tension.

the experience will have to lead you to the relationship.

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