Adam Dant
"Its all TOO BIG to take on"

Donald Parsnips and the Gallerette
* The gallery is a resource, means to initiate situations: < Add link to 1 page with illustration> A daily cartoon (print as an A7 paper)
Its handed out to people in the street
A personal encounter.

* Lack of encounter is significant in contemporary art.

* Its important to touch people individually. Thrown away or not? It does not matter.

* Its a Postman Pat sort of social proximity: Humour, stupidity, pathos - all function as access points: Lettrism: tiny events attack the heart of society

* The first newspapers started in coffee houses; latest forms of communications set up in similar situations around cyber-cafes

* Financial systems man-made but like the weather beyond anyone's control now

* I want to try things but I am finding it dificult to work with artists, who are more interested in careers than on taking chances. The artist has as much grip on the funding process as the people managing the funds.

* The Art system is really a part of the Civil Service.

* How much structure has there to be?? Mood of the moment will do.

Keith Farquhar's dream of building a life-size elephant. (God told me!) Thus a show which wereby we built a life-size (paper) elephant in the Gallerette. I would have like to have hired a real elephant for Club Row - in Victorian times, it was a sign of good luck - but I couldn't afford it.

* Art has one specific end - that is, Allow it to be completely expansive. The only restriction is a financial one.

* Danger is that, by being dimunitive, you disappear but I am aware of that.......

Adam Dant runs the Gallerette at 15 Club Row London E2 and produces the Donald Parsnips daily handout.