Rob La Franais : Curating in 2096

Enjoying the Imagination
and other Provocative Acts


from a talk
given by
Rob La Frenais
on Nov 26 1996
at stalk
* " I am going to be provocative, and the first provocative thing I will do is light a candle....... ah, here we have some media.

* The unpopular person who stands up for the New Age, Out-of-Bodyexperiences, Time travel.....and so on.....

* Technology is goading us to evolve beyond the monophasic culture. To return to the multiphasic.

* Artificial life as the next frontier of evolution: symbiosis of nature and paranature. The real possibility of silicon-based realities becoming closer to our own wet biology > eventual merging of the two life-forms

* Its the difficulty in curating these concepts that's breaking down the role of art: Curating itself becomes as a research tool.

* the internet is a way of modelling global synchronicity; to at last start to ritualise other forms of time, outside of linear time

* The question is what does it do to us in here, not what we do to it

* Connecting our external senses to the computer is a means of re-positioning ourselves in reality.

* Performance is key; the body is the important site.

* The Incident as a project: both as a research tool, and as a reverie inducing device

* Can art curators curate artists anymore? without adding to the End-modernist Duchampian pile-up

* Earthwire : was a sort of mediation on the notion of time: Displacement from a normal time span:

* In curating, how the event structure, sculpture, thing, electronic media, whatever creates a disjuncture in the time/space continuum."

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Rob La Frenais is the former Editor of performance magazine.. His recently curated projects include The Incident and Earthwire.