Welcome to shinkansen on-line, the place to keep upto date with our latest projects, events and research ideas.

shinkansen is a sound and movement research and production unit formed 7 years ago and based in London. It specialises in the concept, design and production of new enviroments for new medias. shinkansen work with a variety of layers to cultivate new processes and topical contexts for sound and movement work. shinkansen has pioneered the use of networks for ideas / skills exchange and employment opportunities for artists across Europe.

We currently run the two local-national-international networks Butterfly Effect Network [ for movement artists ] and Sound Works Exchange [ for British / German sound artists ] currently linking 110 members from 8 countries in Europe.Activities include annual exchange projects for invited artists, the production and distribution of documentation based C.D. or video by-products, the commissioning / touring of artist collaborations, a range of international cultural activities and the distribution of the employment newsletter, WEB NEWS.

shinkansen is also the organisation behind projects such as Voice Over, Vinyl Requiem, Club Research, Sound Work Recordings and European Choreographic Forum. The unit is regularly invited to lead workshops, lecture and write throughout Europe on the various themes relating to ' new access to arts in the 90's. Issue led debates around the performing arts in relationship to the body and new technology is a strong line in the project work. We are also used as a testing platform for the latest creative software [ Koan, Oval ].

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shinkansen support the Freedom of Speech campaign.