Made by Julie Myers, technical assistance: Dorian Moore 1996.

You are visisting a friend, family member, or just somebody you hardly know. This very nice/cosy/boring. But then they leave the house giving you the upportunity to snoop around. My god, what will you find out about them?

This is what happens at Peepingdom. This site invites the visitor to explore a private space.

Based on storytelling traditions, the site is a source of information and an arena for intervention and exchange.

The work explores how we reveal ourselves, our histories and our desires via the internet as both the observer and the observed. The house is cluttered with letters, bills, lists, fantasies, phone messages, memories, and objects.

The visitor navigates around the house using a series of simple everyday decisions (what to wear, what to eat, who to call) as they rummage through the drawers, snoop under the bed, raid the fridge and listen to juicy bits of gossip.

Peepingtom is a Signals artist in residence initiative, exhibited at at FirstSite Gallery, From 4th April to 18th May 1996.