©hayvend>>>> Miles Treers

"a fish-eating vegetarian"

i killed oysters and chewed before i swallowed. what did you do in the war ? ever noticed how lots of free food and alcohol can make it seem as though things are alright really, when really..- really really, things are just the same ? Johnny's 24 hr recording of people cracking open oysters and chinking champagne glasses together was amusing, eventually. could've done a better party than that for five grand. you could throw a bloody good party for five grand. with a bit more to eat than just thirty quids worth of oysters. anyway as i said it became enjoyable, apart from this woman Rachel, who for no reason i can presently think of, decided to give me a hard time. it's odd. you see there were two Rachels. one of whom i'd never met before; was very serious in a dull, bland sort of way; a fish-eating vegetarian, because apparently buddhists say it's OK for vegetarians to eat fish; and most annoyingly of all, she had a lot of precious notions about art schools, which she defended vehemently when challenged. the other Rachel was that gorgeous temp with the box file, whom we all know and love dearly. i hope not too much of the recording consists of me being drunk and obnoxious. well that's a lie actually, i'd like quite a lot of it to consist of me being drunk and obnoxious. but i know that it wont because Johnny will kindly edit it all out for me. wont he ? i walked all the way home because i couldn't be arsed to hang around for a bus forever and naturally got pissed off. wasted. it's all wasted on me you know, like pearls before a swine. didn't find any pearls either, did i ?

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