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Some of the people who came to the day of recording have written accounts of the day and their feelings.
Below is a list of all their names, the ones underlined linking to pages they have written

Rachel Baker
Philip Harvey
John Hayward
Doug Smith
Vicky Morland
Annetta Pedretti
Charlie Tymms
Martin Cottis
Ella Gibbs
Lisa Haskell
Mark Garret
Ruth Catlow
Jan Flavel
John Cole
Caroline Cole
Miles Treers
James Stevens
Maria Mochnacz
Marta Boros
Giovanni D’Angelo
Jane Davey
Simon Davey
Sam Davey
Andrew Moore
Verna Vesantoff
Stevon Ritchie
Patric Joyce
Jill Willets
Mark Samsworth
Piers Masterson
Clair Eves
David Hoppkinson
Pete Owen
Tod Hanson
Heath Bunting
Chris Brook
Angela Smith
Kathryn Schmitt
Jonathan Moberly
Russell Herron
Rachel Bennett
Kevin David
French Mark
Neil Taylor
Arthur Tewunga
Sebatian Lowsley Williams

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