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Aries 21 March - 20 April
Life seems to be issuing orders(restrictions) this seems as if you are forced to examine something that you may prefer not to see. Slowly the realisation that the reality however unpleasant is here by way of punishment the problem and the solution are both visible to you. Mercuey retograde until next week 'sigh,' as errors are inevitable so go with the flow and the following week you will be glad you did.

Taurus 21April- 21May
Consolidate your energy for a venture the uranian influence implies the sudden, strong decision dome from in part from a changes in circumstances, changes are in the making and yours to achieve. The Sun links with venus this aspect can indicate of you making a sacrifice, you may feel under pressure to help someone equally so feeling of denining yourself. If you act on this here is your insight. 'Words fall on deaf ears' to your detractors and stand your ground.

Gemini 21 May- 20June
'Fools rush in where others fear to tread', remember this proverb as Mercury is dragging in your sign it is also your ruler, 'the messenger of the gods,' because of its transiting speed. So with this comes reflection use the weekend for this task, no matter how pressing or hughness of the task, even with feelings of ill at ease, wait as the player and the masterstroke will be yours to play.

Cancer 22 June- 23 July
Channel your energies properly as somehow, though you are not using your own strength to its full potential, feelings of being depleted may have come from unforseen difficulties however the planentary aspects illuminate the necesary 'want for new approach' in order to move forward as it seems that the situation seems to be either or in a stale mate. Hence you have not won quite yet but neither have you lost and your critics will do well to remain silent.

Leo 24 July- 23 Aug
As a fire sign, you dislike having made decisions made for you, or giving way to others or the circumstances as a concession. The Sun links with Venus only adds to insecurity this weekend, along with Uranus in your opposite sign of Aquarius brings with it your rewards, for your forward thinking and undivided and rigid stance to take a stand. All will untold to show others the reason for your insistent changing of their minds.

Virgo 24 Aug- 23 Sept
Slow the pace this weekend as somebody's secretative nature has left you playing the 'guessing game' on your own.First clear those long-awaited changes to do with the financial front this will ease the pressure, but remember not to loss sight of your crucial advantage which airs more on the side of caution and not the 'eager beaver' as it were. Hence no matter how distant your dreams seem they may be closer that you anticipate use this insight to excube more confidence.

Libra 24 Sept- 23 Oct
The Sun's links to Venus this indicates that you are on the right path and for all the right reasons, your actions may seem frowned on by others whether a friendship or a romantic link as Uranus joining forces such assocations can thrive, distance yourself for heresay. As the outcome is yours to know@-anig for others conjecture.

Scorpio 24 Oct- 22 Nov
As the storm passed over you sighed relief before the next gathering of rain clouds returns. Moreover you find that your thoughts are to be found within a tricky relationship and here you should examine this to the depths of its very foundations perhaps some emotional certainity would not go a miss! As recent climates have made slippery slopes perhaps it time to tear down before decision can be made to build up.

Sagittarius 23 Nov- 21 Dec
Once again you are yearning to fulfil a desire perhaps one of will and pleasure however your intuition warns of a risk. The vision of fantasy is starting to captivate you, as the moon is entering one of the financial angles of your chart your doubts surface however it is not necessarily extravagant or unwise planetary links suggest you need this vision to stay on the right path allow yourself the insight of adapting to simpler, sweeter, safer ways of Achieving your objective.This will show how impetus you are to clear someone's hold over you as changes are likely.

Capricorn 22 Dec - 20 Jan
As the moon is in your sign for most of the weekend, this follows with feelings of vulnerability in an area where you may wish for strength.Distance yourself from your career and open to more softer stance as a tenuous conversation seems imminent and casulalties are likely. Your sanctuary comes from the planetary links to diplomacy helping to give a smooth passage through. Saturn harminous link to Uranus shows a promising a highly refreshing change what is actually happening is a key part of this.

Aquarius 21 Jan- 19 Feb
People around you seem unable to offer tangible support, there are those who understand the points you make but still oppose within these difference stand your ground refuse to settle or compromise your position. Saturn's influence should give hope and bring immient assistance to what may have been demoralising perhaps within these dealings refrain from carelessness within the final stages of such dealings. The help you need may surprise you from where it comes from often not where you anticipated but nevertheless it will come and suffice,it is here that you will find your real friends.

Pisces 20 Feb- 20 Mar
Feelings of surprise with the world perhaps come from a 'flagging confidence' weary of grasping what you want and all the baggage that comes with it. The desire to try to over compensate could come into play with this gesture comes the point of know return which perhaps awaits. Neptune's link to Jupiter shows a 'vision of clarity' a date with destiny no less.

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