In Our Air conditioned Virtual Reality Isolation Suit

Zip - up magnetic strip
heat reactive fabric
L.E.D. patch panel display
personal modem on the cuff
video-mask off the peg suit
we are not there

electrodes give readings
heart temperature respiration emotional mood
for air travel
galactic travel
virtual space thrills
in virtual safety

In our Air conditioned Virtual Reality Isolation Suit
you can light
sound and senses exist
end spectrum colour definition
trigger samples by slightest of movement
music via fibre optics
techno mardi-gras

In our Air conditioned Virtual Reality Isolation Suit
tourism is virtually irrelevant
to this world experience
no airport no passport no baggage
virtually go nowhere
inside your head
you have already been there
geodesic mosque

3D digital orgasmatronic interactive silicon simulation cyber-sex suit
comes complete with super-sensorial teledildonic auto-mate
point and click with one you know well

Virtual sex - No Repro Techno Sex - No Oh no no
For orgies in the ether You have no
body at all
Nobody at all
virtually fall from virtual grace
Nobody at all

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