Dada Dada uber alles!

Berlin Berlin
You lie so well
Berlin Berlin
Ach go to hell!

It was a time
and in that time
It was a place
and in that place
happened things we knew
and chose not to know
We simply lived
but not simply
Could say we simply survived
and so we did
in that time
When all around us crumbled
When we could do no wrong
When all was wrong
and no wrong left to do

No need of beauty - Alles kitsch
No need of truth - Alles quatch
And as for sentiment - Alles schmurtzig
We said what must be said
according to the laws of our nature

Berlin Berlin
Die wind so kalt
Berlin Berlin
Ich habe angst!

And they said it was the devil singing
Man! That we'd made a pact with him!
And we replied at the sewers edge -
All love ends in death
and it's up to you to decide
which side
of the barricade you stand!

Berlin Berlin
Rot wie blut
Berlin Berlin
Schwartz wie litchen!

As to what will happen after this who knows
and cares less
There is no view
beyond our garden
walled and sacrosanct
We never thanked
nor offered kinship afterward
This city is our world
The world
All of it to us

Da Da Da
As we hum disconsolate and drunk
at this piss stained table
reflected effigies
distorted features
resemble those already dead

Dada drunk amongst the Dada junk
Dada empty in a Dada frenzy
Dada lost Dada paradox
Anti -
Haha - Ha!

Berlin Berlin
Schonne Maure
Berlin Berlin
hase dich

And they said it was the devil singing
Man! That we'd made a pact with him!
All truth sounds like lie
and it's up to you to decide
which side...

On the stage over there we sang
loud enough to drown their cries
after all with so much pain everyday back then...

What does it prove?
You ask for proof?
How will you know it
these forgeries are damned good -
Plenty of experience at that mien liebe!

Berlin Berlin
Ich liebe dich
Berlin Berlin
Du bist ein Teufel!

In the moment we forgot
from the inside out
Created our own truths
we reshaped our lives each day
What mattered yesterday
matters not at all today
Laws and rules for breaking
and in the breaking recreating
Yet our first concerns never differ -
Eat Not Art!
Soup And Wine!
Hysteria itself
Noose-necked about
Heightened by the gelid frisson of cocaine -

Throw me a grenade!
I will catch it in my teeth
Show me a blade!
Shoot me lets have done
Lost or won our loved ones gone
Always reaching and falling back

We struggle to speak with new words
having to invent them as we go along
To make you hear
Make you react
Make you answer
But it is your answers
that we don't understand
no comprende

Don't be fooled by poets
They know how to move you with their words
How to distort
The devil itself is a poet
The devil is a poet more wordy than god itself
Modern art rides roughshod over battlefields
It fills the trenches
Buries alive
State of the art drowns out all cries

(His letters are something I will not forget)


For those who know how to listen
We have ended our last song


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