You will need Quicktime 4 plug -in to view this movie (180k)

and hear the mp3 audio file (200k).

which you can download from here.



This installation of Sensory was at Chapter in Wales as part of a conference on DVD and with the most recent installation being at Futuresonic.

The environment is dark and has comfortable seating. The whole piece loops after 10 mins and users have been know to stay for as many as five or six sequences. The complex moving imagery and the music do not repeat at all during one cycle.

This a small (180k) low res movie. More movies and higher quality to follow.




The whole of Sensory on the DVD runs as a 10 minute loop.

This mp3 is a one minute clip of the composition. The surround sound composition uses the full scope of the six speakers and mix allows sounds to sweep across the speakers as well as a rich atmospheric feel that physically surges around the space.