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It was dark outside when Donald answered the door.
She had said she would be there at 6 o clock but now it was more like 9.00. She was and asked if she could

For a moment he thought she might be But she didn't seem quite as psychotic as most of the people he'd met lately so he

Donald made a living nowadays as a


She spent days trailing around after him, collecting video footage for her net site and listening to stories about the time Shiela Tequilla and he had "been too much for Naples".

The Pantomime developed loosely around the tale of Cinderella. Donald was Donald, the Prince was a the Sista a and Buttons a

It all went well until the night of the performance,when, after drinking the free Vodka Donald


and the hotel fire alarm went off at 5.00 am in the morning. They all looked dog rough, except for Donald who had matching blue cotton Pyjamas.

They never found out "who done it " but

backstage - list of consequence
The End
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