PirateTV (all times given in GMT)

Sundays 6pm-6am
....Do-Littles Chill-Out streaming up quality chill-out music and visuals into the comfort of your own home.

Tuesdays from 11pm
....Audio stream from the nomadic wastelands of Outerbongolia

Wednesdays from 9pm
....Ninja dons Coldcut with funkjazztickle audiovisual jams from their studio Spacelab.

Thursdays from 10pm
....Dubwiser: Up your AV with the house of Dread: Dreadzone dip into their dub collection. Radiohead feature as special guests.

Fridays from 10pm
...1st in the month. Freeframe brings you digital cabaret.. live music.. sets and jams.. performance and poetry.. films animations blips. dharma cola..vex'd..l.e.a.p.s..spare toasters with your host UM

last in the month
......Digital Disco combines electronic music, visuals, digital technology and live performance

********* Coming Soon********** Mondays......Undercurrents...alternative news Fridays...2nd and 3rd in the month....Digidub Show

Link to live RealVideo Jam here!
Link to archived RealVideo Jam here!..here...and here..
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