mobile home

              construction will happen in five phases,

evolving through the responses of active dwellers.


phase 1:
introduction, information, images about the PLACEmadeMOBILE installations. (from June1997)

phase 2:
Ideal home design questions for players to respond to and see others answers. (from July to September 1997)

phase 3:
design of a 3D mobile home as a result of the answers. (September 1997)

phase 4:
the 3D mobile home ready and out for habitation and travel. (October 1997)

phase 5:
a new product / ornament is made. A CD-ROM is planned in collaboration with Skyscraper Digital Publishing. (1998)


mobile home

will be the new electronic house, defined, decorated, furnished and inhabited by internet browsers. Create the furniture. Design a view from the living room and redefine the electronic spaces to suit your need, tastes and aspirations. [Make yourself at home]

For further information, contact : email Mobilehome or send things to :
PO Box 14077,
London N16 5WF.

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