Without knowing who I am leaving a message for, it is quite hard to say what I should say or what I think I should say.

One always feels under pressure to say something profound or inspiring in these situations, but the first rule of public speaking is to ensure that you know your audience.

I don't know you from Adam.

As a profound may miss the mark, I may attempt profound irony when I say, in the words of Bill S Preston Esq and 'Ted' Theodore Logan, Be Exellent to Each Other.

As a side issue, on this 24th December 2005, I would like to wish all of the Christians reading this message a happy birth date of your messiah. Please eat, drink and be merry but remember, Turkeys have feelings too.

Laura Babb

*Disclaimer - Any spelling mistakes are soley due to my dislexia rather than lazyness or poor education**

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