First, a few things about the past - first I saw the spine of
the book - late, late it was one night in deepest Victoria.
The book store was open late - really late.

I don't quite know how the whole idea came to me, but come
it did. And now I find myself coping - coping somehow - with
the fateful consequences.

Way way back in the days, when love was little and London
was hardly known to me - the electronic stimulae were few and
very far between.

It's eight now, and I must begin to try and appreciate some
other filmic art about to be screened right here in

So just in case you're wondering, you may just look around
and find me there - there where alcohol sometimes flows and
humans are prone to steadily accept and take on board these
really pretty comfy new technologies.

And should you wish to know about what's currently wired
around the great old mother of a continent called Africa,
just breeze on over to -
but please forgive me my lack of links.

All for now,

...back to the sea