Hi all Back Spacers! Robin here. I've just started writing
a guide for people who want to know how to create and design
their own web pages for publishing worldwide on the Internet
/ World-Wide Web.

I need more information about specific aspects of how the
whole thing is constructed and divided up amongst many
companies, organisations and people worldwide - as well as
further concrete stastics about the sizes of web sites, pages
and spaces. This will enable readers to gain more insight and
knowledge about how exactly they can create their own spaces
in cyberspace most successfully, economically and colourfully.

Please don't hesitate to either speak to me directly about
this particular project I'm now embarked upon - or send e-mail
to my personal box here at Back Space. I'm also interested in
learning more about what you think of the Web/Net, what you
use it for and why you think it should be preserved and
made better/faster, et cetera - at all costs!!

Chow for now people,

Robin Edmonds @ Back Space

P.S. Congratulations are in order to all concerned with the
putting into operation of Back Space and all its associated
things / people / events. My continued use and membership
is personally promised!!
...back to the sea