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Maldoror/Peter Arnold
Creator/Jo Cripps
Satan/Nun/Annis Joslin
Whore/Kelly Warman
Master/Steven Eastwood
Hair/Robert Dighton
Youth/Dallas Seitz

Director/Writer/Steven Eastwood
Director's Assistant /Co-writer/Jane Rogers
Camera/Jesse Chambers
Lights/Ken Charle
Edit/Steven Eastwood and Jane Rogers
Sound score/Chris Tate
Script Advisor and Photographer/Kelly Warman
Special Effects/Blood Make-up/Akiko Fukuzaki
Hair Construction/Jo Cripps and Akiko Fukuzaki
Wardrobe and Make-up/Roses Urquhart
Caterers/Runners/Ed and Frances

Telecine - The Machine Room/Video Station/ Edit - Diva Pictures, Ealing Studios/Telerecording - The Lux/Blood - Charles Fox Ltd.
Special thanks to: The Widescreen Centre/ Duncan Russell - The Machine Room/ Steve Connolly - The Lux/ Steve Teers and James - Diva/ The University of Plymouth/ Duncan Reekie/ Unus Safadia at the Bank/ Len Thornton at Soho Images/ Blanx/ Ice Film/ All at 128 for tolerating the obscenity!

Steven Eastwood is the energy behind the film club, OMSK which have run events at 333 Old Street one of which pulled over 1,000 people. Aside from the big shows he also runs many smaller events around the country under various names made out of the word OMSK.

He also has a production company called Paradogs - "working with slippy-slidey narrative, documentary and video/performance". He is a founder member of Volcano Independent Film Festival and is "somehow, a Senior Lecturer in time-based arts at Exeter Art School". Rushing between London and Exeter with shows thrown in between, he says "he has forgotten how to sleep".


Eclipse (7 mins. Hi-8)
a to a (58 mins. Documentary. DV/Beta)
Toothless (20 mins. Documentary)
The Blend (4 mins. Music promo. Multi format/Beta)
Perhaps (27mins. Drama. 16mm)
So Sideways (74mins. Experimental Feature. Multi format)
18:40/20:40 (10 mins. Experimental Documentary. Hi-8)
Chip Karney (20 mins. Hi-8)
Cathodeabode (5 mins. Hi-8)
Hole (20 mins. Super 8mm)